StrengthGamer: Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Wall of Shame

The staff of has made their list of Dog Tags public - showing off all names of those they have stabbed. Constantly being updated, your name may just end up on the Wall of Shame one day.

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WutPleaze3236d ago

Sonofabitch! I'm actually on that list! Are you freaking kidding me?! F*** you! Hahaha now I'm out for revenge!

Spydiggity3236d ago

everyone gets stabbed once in a while. i racked up a ton of dog tags last night and i'm still really new to the game. it's just so hectic and you spawn all over the place.

as for the list, would it have hurt these morons to alphabetize for crying out loud?

scar203236d ago

Did anyone elses weapon stats reset cuz i just logged in and i dnt have my custom classes?

AvidGamerrrr3236d ago

Mine did! I was freaking out!

electricshadow3236d ago

Don't worry, it has happened to me three times. Your rank and weapons come back in time.

Trunkz Jr3236d ago

Was there really a need for this to be on N4G?....

AccountClosed570293236d ago

I have more dogtags than these two guys combined.

DanteKnightsTemplar3236d ago

Im not on that list, but.. I feel sorry for them. I got more than the both combined. I bet they camped for 9 months and only recently started knifing people?

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