OXCGN’s Tron: Evolution Review – Inside The Grid


"Tron has always seemed tailor-made for constant video game exploitation After all, the original Disney film from 1982 was created alongside the arcade and home console revolution of the late 70’s/early 80’s, before the industry crashed in 1983.

Apart from an appearance in Kingdom Hearts 2 and a PC-only first person shooter (Tron 2.0) earlier last decade, there hasn’t been much Tron to be seen in the gaming landscape.

As expected, Disney Interactive have jumped right on the release of the new film blockbuster Tron: Legacy and Vancouver development house Propaganda Games have created Tron: Evolution – a prequel of sorts to the movie."

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BadCircuit3242d ago

Usually games based on movies aren't that good. It seems that this game keeps the trend.

XboxOZ3603242d ago

Well the movies not all that good anyway, so it was doubtful the game would be better.

Shame, as the original movie was great.

gaminoz3242d ago (Edited 3242d ago )

Who thought that resurrecting Tron was a good idea?

And more importantly: who at Disney thought that keeping the Tron game was a good idea over the promising looking new Pirates of the Caribbean game which they abandoned? That pirates game looked great!

Grimhammer003241d ago

I enjoyed the movie. Any movie that you fault mainly because you want more of can't be that bad?

More action, better writing and it'd be great!

Game is good. Mp very solid. Light bikes aren't good until you buy gen5 though.