StrengthGamer: Mass Effect 2 PS3 Demo Impressions

Samy Masadi of StrengthGamer writes "Two entire acts of Mass Effect have passed since the space opera began it's journey through the galaxy. While 360 and PC players alike reveled in this grand action-RPG show, it was an exclusive performance. PS3 owners stood waiting out in the cold, yet ye olde Bioware production company turned them away at the doors. After three years, PS3 folks needn’t wait any longer."

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BlueTroll3243d ago

I can't wait- I don't own a PC strong enough for this game, and my 360 red ringed... got a ps3 for christmas and can't wait to play this

Peppino73243d ago

I never played the first so I had to get used to the controls of the demo but it was sick. Im really excited to play a scary game once again since resident evil strayed away from what made it scary in the beginning.

kaveti66163242d ago

this is a mass effect 2 thread. i think you're talking about dead space 2?

Peppino73242d ago

Ahhh thanks. Explains my disagrees lol.

jbiz3203243d ago

why the hell do you have 6 disagrees for that? N4G is getting stupid.

pixelsword3243d ago

They disagreed that he got a PS3; they somehow determined that he got a turtleneck sweater.

tigertron3242d ago

3 people disagreed that you think they disagreed with the fact that he got a PS3. I agreed.

beavis4play3243d ago

i enjoyed the demo - the story looks like it'll be good; i enjoy the conversation wheel and the combat controls are very good.

i'm looking forward to this one!

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ForROME3243d ago

You know its weird but it seems like games like ME and techy games belong on PS3 because it seems like sci fi games go with a alien looking and feeling system like a PS3, quality blu ray etc, weird.

The one thing I would like to see is the ability to install games on the PS3 like you can on the 360.

MGRogue20173243d ago (Edited 3243d ago )

I agree with your idea of installing games to the PS3's hard drive..

Every PS3 has a hard drive so.. why not take advantage of that, huh? teh blu-ray drive is kind of restricted.. very slow at reading..

Blacktric3243d ago (Edited 3243d ago )

It'd definitely help to shorten load times for games like Dragon Age: Origins and Fallout: New Vegas, since both games have load times ranging from 10-50 seconds. It'd be great to have the full install option. I don't agree with the Blu-Ray being restrictive though. Some developers can utilize its 2x speed well enough while some lazy ones(like Edge Of Reality and Obsidian) can't.

mrcash3242d ago

most of the games that take advantage of the bluray, are made by sony. Sony has invested tons of money in optimizing their software to run well on their system. Other developers may not have the resources or time to do this, but as long as its a solid experience its all good.

Arup023243d ago (Edited 3243d ago )

PS3 isn't an alien looking system, wtf.

tigertron3243d ago

I think what he means is that its futuristic. ;)

Tinasumsum3243d ago (Edited 3243d ago )

ME2 has a lot of voice command computers in it and hands free minority report computers. Lots a futuristic software in ME2 so I read your comment and seen what you said the other way around. IMO the 360-s looks more sci fi

Well that was fun nice playing


I'm sorry some you have not played ME2 yet so the disagrees are excused.

VenomProject3243d ago

If only the 360's tech was as futuristic as the PS3's. :D

Silly gameAr3243d ago (Edited 3243d ago )

Do you guys msg each other and decide which articles to flood? Serious question. I've noticed that a lot of the same people troll certain articles.

Nah, It couldn't be. No one could be that petty.

Not much longer though. I'm almost done with ME 1 finally so i'll be ready.

Close_Second3243d ago

I thought the demo looked great...until my son, who is a PC gamer, showed me the game running on his PC (ATI Radeon 5770). Even though the PS3 version looks good the differences are still like night and day.

Basically, if you want the best experience play this on the PC if you can. If you can't then the PS3 version is by no means a bad choice.

Arup023243d ago

True. I have ME2 on the 360 and on the PC. The PC version is far more superior. Like you said, if you don't have a PC powerful enough to run ME2 at it's finest, you should stick with the console versions.

despair3243d ago

yea I played the demo and thought it looked really good, then I booted up my PC copy at 1080p resolution and max settings and it wasn't even close. It really is a big difference but if you don't have the PC to run it like Arup02 said it makes no sense to go that direction.

3243d ago
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