Is Re-playability Based On Online Play?

In this day and age most games have some form of multiplayer, a lot of gamers like multiplayer as it gives them something to do with the game after they finish the story however does multiplayer equal Re-playablility?

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FishCake9T43236d ago

MW2 had a 6 hour campaign yet i had an online time of 10 days, more than i have put into other games with a longer campaign.

blitz06233236d ago

I disagree. I think it's more about the single player experience. Multiplayer adds to a game's replayability, but it isn't the basis.

vickers5003236d ago

Tell that to Battlefield, Call of Duty, Warhawk, Killzone, Halo, Gears of War, etc.

Multiplayer is most definitely the basis of those games.

Etseix3236d ago


yes but they are mostly FPS, for example, i know a lot of people who played MotorStorm singleplayer a lot (including me) because some maps have alot of routes, made for different vehicles, i wanted to check out all the alternatives and that kept me playing the same map for long time. Things like this are nice additions for a game, i just hope more games find a way to do this.

rjdofu3236d ago (Edited 3236d ago )

Tetris everyone? Also, you can spend hundred of hours on any good RPG games like FF series or Mass effect.

Philoctetes3236d ago

Bad example. MW2 is an online game with a tacked-on SP campaign. Of course online multiplayer "extends" the game -- that's what it was built for.

Personally, there are lots of SP games that at least for me have all sorts of replayability without needing multiplayer. I think I played RE4 at least 20 times, for instance. This gen, I've gotten 6+ playthroughs out of Dead Space, Uncharted, Uncharted 2, and MGS4. (The last two have multiplayer, but I never seriously touched either). A well-designed SP game really doesn't multiplayer to have replay value.

mastiffchild3236d ago

Meh, it varies from game to game but good multiplayers are rarer than good single player games so far, imho, and far too many games which would have been better spending all the dev budget on the SP have a MP because they THINK they have to have one for their Metacritic(marks knocked off at review for no MP etc) and because they can't think of an easier way to say their game has replay value.

I think DS2 might fall into this trap and having played a little AC:B MP I think that already has-the game's aren't really suited and though I think BOTH the ideas come up with are worth playing I just don't think there's going to be a heavy Brotherhood community playing in six months-people are quite vanilla about the online games they keep playing and big budget console releases should consider other routes if theirs isn't a game with classically accepted MP. Even a lot of FPS games could do without as nobody seems to want to leave their mainstays(the four or five big games on each platform that we always play)so wouldn't the money be better used elsewhere than wasted on MP?

Seriously, SC:C is another that has a player base now that doesn't really make you think the outlay on the online was worth it. I think a lot more research into how long people play a lot of the online modes of the non mainstream online games(Singularity, for instance, barely had anyone playing the MP AT RELEASE)as I reckon it's often a case of quickly diminishing returns. Vanquish did the classic speedrun allure and high score approach and many other games should look to that clever backward looking approach or even the genius online incorporation of Demon's Solul's.

Whatever, neither is the single answer to this question and we all know at least that much.

Pillage053236d ago

depends on the game. I've prolly dumped more time in to Oblivion then most multiplayer games.

dragunrising3236d ago (Edited 3236d ago )

I would argue no.

I have played through Dead Space 4 times on PS3 and got the platinum. Afterwards I sold it, regretted it, and am working on 100% on the 360 version, with 18 hours already played.

Value is subjective. Some games really appeal to your taste as a gamer. Just because a game lacks multiplayer doesn't mean it doesn't have any re playability. Also, lets not forget games like Oblivion and Fallout. I easily put 150 hours + into that game. Or how about Super Meat Boy? You could sink dozens and dozens of hours into a game thats only $10/15 dollars.

Some gamers appreciate a more social and/or muliplayer component and cannot fathom the value of a single player only game. You can debate the topic forever and there is no right or wrong answer :-)

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AndrewRyan3236d ago

Not necessarily true!

Fallout 3. Oblivion. Super Meat Boy (Don't know about you guys but I go on every day just to beat a couple dark world levels.)

Plenty of other games it all depends on what you like to play!

dragunrising3236d ago

I didn't read your comment until after I posted. I listed the same games, except one, that offer great value as single player games :-p You should give Dead Space a try.

AndrewRyan3236d ago

Haha yes I just read you comment! Dead Space I would love to play... One day. I just have nightmares after playing horror games. Some people say it isn't too scary but I thought some of Half Life 2 was scary :p I would shit my pants playing Dead Space.

dragunrising3236d ago

:-) The first couple of times I played the game were especially scary experiences. Its worth the soiled pants though, lol.

I feel sort of desensitized to the horror now as I know what to expect, haha. Its a great action/survival game and quite difficult on impossible. I guess thats why I come back to it. Also, the atmosphere of the game is convincing and the science fiction/story pretty good. I promise I don't work for EA :-p

Focker4203236d ago

Looks at GT5. I've been playing it constantly since release and I haven't even touched the online races yet.

nopunctuation3236d ago

nah replayability can be based on thigs like infinite level up systems like in demons souls are scoreboards that reward you with earning a lot of points i mean look at classic games like pac man and tetris games that we are still playing 20 years since they were made that is replay value right there

Cajun Chicken3236d ago

No way. In fact, I find the online section is more boring due to the lack of set pieces.

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