The Five Best Virtual Console Games You've Probably Never Played

"Mario 64? Seen it. Sonic? Yawn. Ocarina of Time? Even the dog’s beaten that one, despite being stuck on the Water Temple for a while.

Although Nintendo’s online service has been criticised for being too limited in some areas- the N64 in particular is woefully underserved- those who look hard enough are rewarded with some rich and unique titles." - JPS

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easto1a3241d ago

might try these titles out :)

Joe_H3241d ago

I would recommend Bio Miracle the most for being a) the cheapest and b) the pants-on-head weirdest.

Cheeseknight283240d ago

I played Mario's Picross when they put all the levels up for download in the DS game. I didn't know it got put on America's VC, but then again I guess I already have it anyway.