DC Universe Online Collector's Edition Discounted

"Pre-order the upcoming DC Universe Online Collector's Edition (PS3/PC) for $87.99 (Reg. $99.99) over at Amazon.

In addition, they are offering $0.99 Release day delivery and the following promotional items:

"DC Universe Online" Pre-sale Bonus
Pre-order "DC Universe Online" and receive a code to unlock two exclusives--Play as Batman in a two-on-two arena battle and wield the power of the Amazonian Gauntlets, an exclusive in-game weapon. A code to access the bonus content will be e-mailed to you within two days after your order ships.

DC Universe Online is set to release on January 11, 2011!"

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Arup023237d ago

Wow.$87.99... And you still have to play 15$ each month?
87.99+180= 267,99

Not a good deal for PS3 owners with awesome exclusives coming out in 2011...

GeneGodHand3237d ago (Edited 3237d ago )

I know you are right but if you got a job and you making good money this is the best game coming out in January for you i played the beta its worth $15 a month.

Arup023237d ago

True. I'm willing to pay a monthly fee if the game is good enough

outwar60103237d ago

i dont agree its just silly to spend that much on another game it may have loads of new quest update etc why would you spend that much when you can get a fresh experience buying a new game with the money you would have spent on a subscription. It just makes no sense

Baka-akaB3237d ago

doesnt make sense ?

Ok then show me a good marvel or dc licensed game .
You'll have so far Batman arkham asylum , then at best the last spiderman game released .

The rest is crap , and they wont even get released as often as additional quests and content for dcuo .
Let's not forget batman AA2 still quite far away

Soldierone3237d ago

Yeah and in four months thats 60 bucks, a brand new game could of been yours. Then next year its "oh just pay the monthly fee for COD" and the year following that "oh just pay for 6 games monthly, they are all worth it."

Im not saying this game is terrible or anything, but I don't like the model of paying to play. I dont like Live for that reason, I dont like a lot of MMO games for that reason, and while im a HUGE DC comics fans I've yet to see this game do anything impressive and still will not pay to play.

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Baka-akaB3237d ago

lol you make it sound as if anyone HAD to get the collector .

Sharingan_no_Kakashi3237d ago

Beta is ridiculously fun. I'd pay the 15. But that collector's editions is still too much.

DarkBlood3237d ago

im thinking of waiting till the game is at least half the price, then i'll buy considering its a p2p mmo some would think it would be cheaper since your going to be paying more then the game itself in the long run

Lirky3237d ago

SOE could possibly do a matrix-online with dcuo like shutting down the servers During some point. Thats the thing i hate about pay 2 play mmorpgs servers often get shut down forever, then ppl make private servers to continue the games lifetime.

Baka-akaB3236d ago

Bad example , Matrix online was never successful .. and has been around since 2004 . That's quite a lot of years and playtime for an unsuccessful mmo .

Pocker3237d ago

beta wasn't that fun honestly. I canceled my preorder, and will buy it when it becomes free to play