GameInformer - Building A Better Zombie Game

GameInformer: "It's an obvious analogy: Like the undead enemies they contain, zombie-themed video games and DLC simply won't die. Zombies have invaded military shooters, westerns, racing games, and even your lawn. Considering how many games I play for my job, you'd probably think that I'd be tired of titles that have legions of the undead in them. You'd be wrong. I hope even more zombie games come out in 2011, because as I see it, the industry's current offerings are missing some characteristics that are key to the genre."

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Arup023244d ago

Zombie games are all cliché. There aren't more things to explore in this genre. But i would love and open world game with zombies set in the modern era.

Shackdaddy8363244d ago

Im really bored with zombie stuff right now. If they make a huge open world game in a city where a ton of people can play, then I would buy that. But that wont be for a while.

ABizzel13244d ago (Edited 3244d ago )

I didn't disagree with you, but I do disagree with the the part about zombie games are cliche.

But I do agree about wanting an open world zombie game. It would be sick if it was a TPS/MMO (or FPS/MMO), and each survivor you run into is another player. That would be dope.

The problem with GI's wants is that it takes the game away from being fun, to being a chore. If you have a swarm of L4D zombies after you there's no way you're going to head shot them all. So everyone is going to get bitten instantly, and boom no fun. I think once you die you should become a zombie that would be fun.

RedDead3244d ago

How about you can blow limbs of easily? That way you could tear through the zombies and alot would fall, but not die...

Also Dead island anyone, we know so little about it but it's based on surviving on an island infested with zombies. It's still in development, and techland said back in may 2010 that it's coming along nicely

ABizzel13243d ago

That might work, kind of like Dead Space. Dismember them, but they keep coming unless you head shot them.

sobekflakmonkey3244d ago

I think Capcom just needs to make a new RE:outbreak for ps3 and xbox360 and have it play more like a MMO and have it so you collect items and do mission and level and all that shit, and create your own survivor but have it indepth so you can change your muscle mass, height, weight, face, i think that would be cool, and have the game play either be like RE:outbreak 1 and 2 or like RE:5, and base it in racoon city, have the police station be the starting point, make it stretch out to the mountains and the mansion and the underground base and such, they could do alot with it, but damn...they are lazy...

soundslike3244d ago (Edited 3244d ago )

Anything can be shit if done wrong, anything can be amazing if done right. The only limiting factor is the developer, not the genre, and this goes for EVERYTHING, including movies, music, art. There is always room for improvement and complete re-invention. To not see this potential in games/media/art is to be closed minded. A new idea can come with the shape and initial impression of an old one, until you get to know it better.

Nothing is played out, only played wrongly. Current zombie games bore me, bring on the open-world chaos, and it will hardly be a "zombie game" as much as it would be badass and unnerving.

Ratchet5103244d ago

let naughty-dog or insomniac make it.

BYAAHHH3244d ago

Anyone else think that the RE: Outbreak series is extremely underrated?

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