GameManx: ASTRO A*STAR In-Ear Headset Review

ASTRO A*STAR In-Ear Headset is the latest product from Astro, makers of the official MLG licensed video gaming headsets. This new headset is aimed at portable devices. It currently retails for $79.99 and is compatible with iPhones, smart-phones, iPads, laptop computers and hand-held video gaming devices such as Nintendo DS and PlayStation Portables. Basically any device with a standard 3.5mm headphone jack.

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rjdofu3244d ago

"My first impressions with the headset were horrible. I was actually in shock as I plugged them into my iPhone and played some music. There was NO BASS. I could not believe I just dropped about $80 for some headphones that did not sound good... After visiting the ASTRO website forums I read that the ASTRO A*STAR In-Ear Headset has to actually be in your ear for you to hear the full range. Not only that but in order for them to perform as intended they must fit snugly in your ear forming a seal.... After switching through the enclosed rubber seals I found one that fit perfectly. After finding the right size the bass and full range of sounds were present."

WOW... can't believe there's someone who still doesn't know how to use an in-ear headphone.

Blaine3243d ago

I was going to comment on the same quote.

I mean: am I seriously reading a HEADSET REVIEW from a guy who didn't know in-ear phones had to actually be *in* your ears to sound right? Not anymore I'm not.

Grimmjow3243d ago

I have the ASTRO A30's with the mixamp..these look quite nice also.

Fallback3243d ago (Edited 3243d ago )

If you read on right after that it says:

"If you are considering these be sure to think about whether you like or can deal with a true in ear style headset. These do not simply sit at the opening of your ears like most ear-buds. The A*STAR In-Ear Headset actually must reside inside your ear forming a seal akin to earplugs you would wear at a concert. "

You should actually read it before you spew hate. And not every one knows that. LOL