Give the Parents a Break!

From Shaquil Hansford of

"It’s decrepit. Played out. Boring. It’s been done before. And someone will do it again. But I won’t write anymore articles attacking the mothers and fathers of the world for how their bad parenting is fueling the political games-censorship machine. It’s not their fault.

This time, I’m turning the accusatory eye on gamers."

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MariaHelFutura3237d ago (Edited 3237d ago )

Yes it is. It`s not the media`s job to raise you children, it`s the parents. Sadly, the media makes a joke of the concept of family. They play women against their own emotions and having men aspiring to be boys. The concept of demonstrating the role of the Man and the Women and the responsibility it holds to children has been abandoned. But in the end, it what people wanted and they will suffer the consequences of these actions. You have to understand the "powers" that run this planet will only give you what you ask for and if you don`t wanta raise you kids.....they will.

TV is CALLED.....Tell-A-Vision and that`s exactly what it does.

Nate-Dog3237d ago

I get your point, but are you really saying it's that hard to watch what your child is playing from time to time? Are you really saying that hearing gunfire and seeing blood splatter over the screen or from a character is that hard to notice? Or a violent and bloody game is that hard to notice from having a look at the game-box?

Maybe we do blame parents too much but it's clear that a lot of them don't make any effort to try and keep their kids away from things that they shouldn't see at a young age.

Komega3237d ago

I think what he is saying is that a child will do everything in his power to hide the fact that he is playing theses games from his parents...