Top Ten Surprises of 2010

With 2010 sweetly wrapped-up behind us, tied with a bow as we march on into a new year, what better way would there be of celebrating the passing of yet another decade without looking at some of the best the past year offered gamers? This isn’t just another list of the best games of the year however; Electronic Theatre has decided to look at those releases, revelations and announcements that took us all by surprise.

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Nate-Dog3240d ago

I'm confused, are ET saying that they admit that GT5 was late or not? Even if it was supposed to be released years ago and then was delayed, it was delayed again, at least once this year.

velocitygamer3240d ago

"constant patches and updates"

There has only been 5.'s better to have no updates? Lame...

Jio3240d ago

When David Jaffe came out of that ice cream truck i felt like I was on top of the world. After E3, I'll never believe him again

FrankMcSpank3240d ago

Gabe Newell at E3: "Sorry Sony I was a douche. Here's Portal 2, and BTW it'll be the best of console on PS3 with exclusive steamworks access."

-MD-3240d ago

WET sequel?! Awesome.

dkgshiz3240d ago

Both were pretty shocking.

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