Kinect for Xbox 360 holiday sales climb at retailer

Holiday sales for Microsoft Corp.'s Kinect for the Xbox 360 increased this week at amid strong year-end demand for the peripheral.

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Bigpappy3235d ago

Your shape has been on sale for under $35 which saw it propeled to the #1 spot. K-sports, Dance Central and Kinectimals have all done well since launch. I could see Kinect continuing to grow throught out the year. Everyone buying this thing in just saying how much fun the family is having with it (even Moms and Granny's). I want to see what the next wave of releases will be, which should start coming some where between March and June.

Elven63235d ago (Edited 3235d ago )

Not sure how well they are selling but in Canada a few Kinect and Move games (Kinect Joy Ride, Dance Central, Sports Champions, etc) were pushed to the $30-40 range for Boxing Day/Week.

I think today is the last day at retailers who participated in this deal for those who want in.

Kinect Sports and Dance Central are pretty fun and in my opinion the only games (that I've played) which make Kinect worthwhile. I tried the Joy Ride demo but it was insane and sometimes controlling itself, I don't understand why it's a mandatory Kinect title. Also tried Sonic Free one should play that game, ever!

Edit: Forgot Kinect Adventures, it's not a bad game but I haven't really played it much. Kinect Sports is pretty much the only game I play when I play Kinect. Rare really wasn't given enough credit, they've put together a great game, I think people pretty much discounted them when the game was announced.

cstyle3235d ago

Good news for fans of kinect. I hope ms have some good games lined up for 2011.

Azmacna3235d ago

i'm wondering how many games this new demographic will buy per year. we all know the gripes that devs have had with Nintendo. i really hope that Kinect (and MOVE) don't spawn a generation of people that only buy 2 or 3 games a year. this could mean a further dumbing down of the industry. it took the Xbox and the PS2 to lift video games from the toy market, so lets hope that the success of Wii, MOVE and Kinect (combined) don't take us back there

Tru_Ray3235d ago

Agreed. I was secretly hoping that Kinect and Move would both fail. It does not appear as if my prayers have been answered. More people are playing games now, but less people are taking it seriously as an entertainment medium.

Hardcore for life!

Azmacna3235d ago

i wouldn't go as far as to say i hope they fail. i'm just hopeful that both Sony and MS can attract hardcore players too. i think MOVE has the better chance simply because you can play traditional hardcore games with it, but the long term problem still stands: if devs can make cheap trash sell, they will and lots of it.

Tinasumsum3235d ago (Edited 3235d ago )

The games will sell well because core gamers are buying the Kinect too the stand alone Kinect is doing well the casual crowd is welcome. 360 gamers are very social when it comes to competitive gaming and love multi player, system link lan parties and splitscreen. Kinect being on a hardcore console is good for sales for hardware and software because Hardcore gamers breath anything gaming related. They are the ones with a bookshelf full of games of every sort with a Tv cabinet full of peripherals.

Azmacna3235d ago

i'd agree with that at the moment, but that's because it's largely 360 enthusiasts that have gone with Kinect (i do know it's sold well to other newer gamers too)

the problem lies in how bigger percentage of gamers will want Kinect only games and won't touch anything else. if that percentage gets greater than the investment to make hardcore games, then the industry could be in trouble. with MOVE too.

devs could make a killing with Wii like games, knowing full well that they will be snapped up in the next year because the Kinect line up is a little thin on the ground. are these new gamers going to be discerning? where they on the Wii?

dangerous times ahead for the industry IMO

Tinasumsum3235d ago (Edited 3235d ago )

1/4 of the people on my friends list have Kinect. Just another gaming option it's as simple as that it's not the end of the world. I see Kinect revenue revitalizing the industry bringing in new gamers and money sources allowing developers to ration the success any way they see fit with more Kinect motion games or standard controller games. I think fanboyism play a part in this paranoia no one in their right mind would see a optional alternative method of gaming as bad.

Bigpappy3235d ago (Edited 3235d ago )

I agree with what most of you are saying, Kinect Sport a Dance Central are the Killer apps right now for Kinect. The core 360 owners are buy in Kinect in large numbers. But if you look at the number of 360's selling in the pass few months, it is plain to see that it is not just existing 360 owners buying Kinect. 360 is selling better now than any time in its history. If you whan to see who is buying and playing Kinect, head over to Youtube and search "Kinect". You will see lots of kids girls and older folks, playing amd posting their activities on the site. There are new one every day and they are playing the same games the core are playing "K-Sports and Dance central".

Edit: I don't want to get into a Move VS Kinect fight. It is kind of wasteful and only serve to anger PS3 fanboys. But,the essense of what "Tinasumsum" is saying below rings true: The Move is not for the same people as kinect. Its is geared more to people who wanted a wii king of experience on the PS3 or to give core gamers a new feel and alternate way of playing their games.
The way Kinect has been implimented so far, makes it totaly different than using a controller, wii or Move. It is more like virtual reallity, where your avatar does every thing you do in the real world. It is very emmersive. I was playing Table tennis (K-Sports) with the rackect that my son uses for his wii, and found that I was actually more effective at placing my shots.

I am not saying Kinect is betterthan the Move or the Wii (that is purely subjective). What I am saying is that it is completely different from those and that I prefer kinect's full body over the motion controller options. Kinect actually lends itself to more new options because you are using your full body and can bring anything the program will allow, into the game.

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Lilbambit3235d ago

In the retailer I work at it in the UK Kinect has consistently sold well since its release, both solus and with consoles. Customers on average seem to pick up an extra 2 games with it aswell. I can see Kinect being a massive success in the long term providing enough software is released.

iistuii3235d ago

I'm in UK too and three of our neighbours bought it with a console for the kids. Its. Doing well. Not really my cup of tea, but I've had a go and it is a laugh, especially if you've had a few beers. Also I really think a game like Heavy Rain could work on Kinect, a detective sort of game would be pretty cool.

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