Adult Video Game In The Works For Kinect System Has Parents Concerned

Five-year-old Edwin Valverde was thrilled on Christmas Day when Santa brought his an xBox360 along with the new Kinect.

"It gets him to be active when we can't go outside and play," said Angelica Valverde, of northeast El Paso.

The adult company, ThriXXX, has taken the action to a new level.

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TheGamerBible3240d ago

God made kinect for people to have fun with. Do not abuse his creation by exercising impure thoughts with it. It clearly says in the bible "thou shalt not commit adultery" so that must mean god wants us to become extinct.

toaster3240d ago (Edited 3240d ago )

Pretty sure science engineered Kinect. God doesn't have a problem with science does he?
Oh wait... yeah that whole evolution thing.

Here I'll tell you a joke:

Fox news.

@ ghost

That book is way out of mein kampfort zone, anne frankly I won't stand for it.

Dark_Charizard3240d ago (Edited 3240d ago )

Bible is for noobs.

You wanna be hardcore? Read "Mein Kampf"

MAJ0R3240d ago

"If you notice it's only one hand so I figure the other one is busy."


dc13240d ago (Edited 3240d ago )

Fox news = Unreasonable reporting

With respect to God: Respectfully.. Here are some facts (science) that you should consider.
1) Something cannot derive from nothing (The big bang brakes the basic law of science)
2) Law of Thermodynamics (read it - please read it): If the universe existed for eternity the universe would have burned out (ran out of heat) an eternity ago.
3)Darwin suspected that the future fossil record would have proved his theory of transitional evolution to be true. However, after millions of fossil discoveries over the last hundred years, not one transitional fossil was discovered this very date (Transitional = the progressive evolution of one species to another).
4) Simply complexities animals/ Endocrinology

I could go on .. however, I wanted to leave you with a few palatable items for you guys to chew on.
It takes more ‘faith’ to believe in evolution than it does to believe that the universe had an author.

I would be happy to continue the discussion .. feel free to PM me.

TroyAndAbed3240d ago

God has no problem with science. He created that too.

Darwin himself was a Christian; at least until most of the Christian world turned on him. He stated that evolution was perhaps an explanation for the past...and does not interfere with the teachings of Christ.

You can't listen to everything you hear from your favorite bands.

FrankMcSpank3240d ago

This topic has been brought up already. Watch the Feedback episodes on G4. Abbie Heppe has said numerous times that KinectChat may become the next chatroulette or omegle. This is a topic that parents should be aware of. Think of all the pedo cases that have happened over Xbox LIVE already. The media blows things up for ratings, but quit acting like Fox news is the devil. Robin Meade on CNN(The liberalist of any new station) called MoH Tier One the biggest disgrace to the military in all her life. News Media is ran by people who don't get the industry.

On Fox: They are the only station to question the acts of the current administration. A whitehouse that many regret to have allowed to be. As you can see the US has voted conservatives back into congressional majority. So Fox is not the devil young people out there. This I don't want to argue.

Point being. This topic should be known to parents. No one needs to blow it out of proportion, but I would not want my 4yo daughter to accidentally except a Webchat request from someone, in the middle of playing Kinectimals, and see some 40yo man fapping in his living room.

Biggest3240d ago

You sound like a Fox person all the way.
"Random off-base crap. This I don't want to argue."

Then why bring it up? Fox is against all things Democrat. That's just what they are. CNN is not the liberal news station. That would be MSNBC. CNN is the most balanced, and lowest rated, of them all. That's the price you pay in America. The people that don't play sides are often ignored. Kinda reminds me of our fanboy war! Polarizing websites get the hits. Playing it down the middle gets you shut down.

blumatt3240d ago

Nicely stated. Evolution still has less going for it proof-wise than belief in a higher power. I'm a proud Christian and find it good that there's still a few people in this world who aren't afraid to stick up for God. I fear a future where we're not allowed to express our religious beliefs anymore.
On topic, there's absolutely no way MS is going to condone a sexually explicit Kinect game to be licensed for use. It won't happen.

DragonKnight3240d ago

Are you serious? Look at the name of the first poster. It says TheGamerBible. So, using deductive reasoning we can come up with 2 conclusions. A)You guys don't get the joke. And B)He's talking about the Gaming God.


poopface13240d ago (Edited 3240d ago )

This is stupid, and fox news is retard news for retards.

maybe parents should try parenting(parental controls, research games their kids play) instead of listening to garbage Fox news for information on something that doesnt even exist.

This is not an xbox game, so unless your child hooks up kinect to the pc and DLs this, you dumbass, moron people who watch fox news can stop your fear mongering.

AHHAH from the article : "Anybody can get on-line with the XBOX360," said Angelica. "It's a possibility he could be able to buy it without me actually knowing.”

ahhahahahahaha said the dumbest cunt in all of America. Actually, uninformed moron who watches fox news, it IS IMPOSSIBLE for him to download it on the 360. Also, How can a little kid to buy ANYTHING without your money. And the XBOX is not a PC so he will never be able to DL it.

Fox news, and the morons who watch it, are dumber than rocks.

Imalwaysright3239d ago

lol a transitional fossil you say? Please google such names as Archaeopteryx or tiktaalik and if want to see a creature that has a mixture of mammal and reptilian features please google duck billed playtpatus. BTW did you know there are kids these days that are born with a tail!?! I wonder where they get it from!!

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Matthew943240d ago

god didnt create s***

its just fox, move along

Pedantic913240d ago (Edited 3240d ago )

Be careful, you might offend someone.

LORD-PHOENIX3240d ago (Edited 3240d ago )

Im not what you would call religious,my parents are christians and go to church..i don't

but even though im not religous i find your comment about christ disrespectful....if you dont believe in god fine but grow up and realise lots do and have some respect

toaster3240d ago Show
justinb13240d ago

You can't even find an ounce of humility for those putting their trust in values that, if upheld, could better our society to no end?
I'm not even religious and can see how it could well be a good thing...

Dark_Charizard3240d ago (Edited 3240d ago )

He didn't say anything about Christ. He was talking about God. Now don't confuse the two young man!

Jesus is not a burning bush :P

INehalemEXI3240d ago

Peoples faith is anything but a joke, example...suicide can't get much more serious.

Kran3240d ago (Edited 3240d ago )

@pedrami91 If god "exists", then why is he trying so much to pretend he doesnt? He either wants to be believed in, or he doesnt. He just cant make up his mind!

Highatus3240d ago

An ounce of humility to those whose values already give society war, slavery, famine and poverty?

' stare too long into the abyss, soon you will find the abyss staring into you'

On topic... Its fox... like many have stated already. Much like the discussion on religion.

Darth_Bane793240d ago


MariaHelFutura3240d ago (Edited 3240d ago )

The story of Jesus begins w/ Saint(an).

Becareful what you believe in, don`t be so trusting.

God is the existance of life, nothing more. It cares not if you live or die, it`s not a person.

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ChronoJoe3240d ago

There's nothing Holy about this device. lol

TroyAndAbed3240d ago


I highly suggest looking into something before judging it.

This isn't at you, ChronoJoe. This is at everyone.

MyNameIsNotRick3240d ago

dc1 is wrong on all accounts. There are thousands of transitional fossils. I don't want to be disrespectful but he is completely disregarding all scientific evidence. Also, while you are directing people to look into thermaldynamic laws, you should also have them look into quantum physics. I am not saying that there is no god or anything like that. But there is much more evidence for evolution than there is for god. There is NO scientific evidence for God. Gaps in evidence for evolution (there are gaps in all scientific theories) do not = evidence for a creator. I believe there is a creator or something like it. However, this is a personal belief...not based on sceince. Here is a perfect example of the ignorance of many creationists.

DragonKnight3240d ago

Ever heard the saying "Absence of evidence is not Evidence of Absence?"

dc13240d ago (Edited 3240d ago )

No disrespect taken. The points are not ‘mine’ they’re supported by academia. However, they present a significant conundrum within the scientific community when determining the origin of the universe as well as species. (Note that there are/is a significant amount of discussion around what is to be considered as a transitional fossils).
Also, my post was not intended to be an exhaustive argument. It was a “light chew” in light of some of the earlier biting comments within the thread. With that said,.. you brought up a good point and presented a link.

Regarding Quantum Physics in light of Thermal dynamic law: Thermal dynamic is law much like the belief in gravity. It’s not disputed. The study of quantum physic (QP) does not contradict it and they are not mutually exclusive in their presentation. The only difference is that study of QP is rich and deep and very very young (from a substance research perspective).
The link to the Dawkins discussion was fun. I will be the first to say that Wendy Wright misdirected quite often and did not show well. She would do well to stick to the philosophical or moral argument.
However there are more capable debates that do not show Dawkins in the most favorable light:
Although this is not related to evaluation debate it’s fun.

Regarding Dawkins points on Homo erectus:
Pithecanthropus (Java man) - now renamed to Homo erectus - many remains of this type have been found around the world. They are smaller than the average human today, with an appropriately smaller head (and brain size). However, the brain size is within the range of people today and studies of the middle ear have shown that Homo erectus was just like us. Remains have been found in the same strata and in close proximity to ordinary Homo sapiens, suggesting that they lived together.
Homo sapiens neanderthalensis (Neandertal man) - 150 years ago Neandertal reconstructions were stooped and very much like an 'ape-man'. It is now admitted that the supposedly stooped posture was due to disease and that Neandertal is just a variation of the human kind.
Ramapithecus - once widely regarded as the ancestor of humans, it has now been realized that it is merely an extinct type of orangutan (an ape).
Eoanthropus (Piltdown man) - a hoax based on a human skull cap and an orangutan's jaw. It was widely publicized as the missing link for 40 years.
Hesperopithecus (Nebraska man) - based on a single tooth of a type of pig now only living in Paraguay.
Australopithecus africanus - this was at one time promoted as the missing link. It is no longer considered to be on the line from apes to humans. It is very ape-like.

MyNameIsNotRick3239d ago

dc1-My post was also not intendended to be exaustive. I truly don't understand how you don't see all of the humanoid speicies as evidence for evolution. Yes...many species lived at the same time and in the same proxcimity. You also note that there a slight differences from some of the species from us. Isn't that evidence for evolution? The hoaxes are addressed in the dawkins video (there are 7 parts). I assume you are a creationist. If me the evidence:)

MyNameIsNotRick3239d ago

dc1-the video is highly are almost all videos that attempt to refute dawkins. Here is how the site that posted the video describes itself..."Fixed Point Foundation is committed to publicly defending Christianity through education, events, and the development of innovative resources that empower Christians and challenge skeptics"...this is hardly a unbiased site. Why did they need to edit the video? Also, if science starts showing that evolution is not how we came to be...I will be happy to follow that science also. One more thing...couldn't god have set up the universe so that we evolved? Can't we have god and evolution? Take care brother.

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Otheros003239d ago

Yes, god wants us extinct.
God does not exist. How can something that doesn't exist want something? God is just an imaginary figure that people made up so they have something to cling to and to worship.

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3240d ago
imoutofthecontest3240d ago

Man, I would have bought Kinect right away if I had known I could have sex with it.

Kran3240d ago

Look, kids could do this on a PC. Theres not of a risk of it happening on a PC than on Kinect.

Darth_Bane793240d ago

Fox news has to hold one of the biggest concentration of morons that have ever run a TV station.. And a bunch of hypocrites too.. All the crap that they tell people all the time is just ridiculous.. But the truth is that they wouldn't be doing this crap all the time if there wasn't a bunch of idiots believing them all the time..

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