2011: PS3 Vs Xbox 360 Exclusives

Another console exclusive war is about to begin. NowGamer weighs up the 2011 PS3 and Xbox 360 exclusives.

"As has been the trend in recent years, Xbox 360 owners will be the first to enjoy all the DLC that Call of Duty has to offer. The fact that the 'First Strike' DLC pack is launching on Xbox 360 must be a blow for PS3 players who had to suffer through a buggier version of Call of Duty: Black Ops. The PS3 owners on Team NowGamer feel your pain, but this deal is definitely a small coup for Microsoft."

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fastrez3915d ago

I love how angry this has got some people in the reports mere seconds after it went up. Chill out guys, it's not a fanboy article, it's completely impartial. They don't take either side.

Oh what's the point?...


toaster3915d ago (Edited 3915d ago )

The flames are inevitable, they're just enticing it. They could have good intentions or not, but they know that the tools will come out of their toolshed and defend their precious console.

solideagle13915d ago

well i think PS3 titles are more stronger because they have sequels and killzone littlebigplanet and resistance are very steady franchise.

Happy new year and good luck to all gamers

TheOldOne3915d ago

Impartial or or not one thing is clear. 360 exclusives simply can not match PS3 exclusives.

3915d ago
Commander_TK3915d ago

Why r multiplats in these lists?

Kevin ButIer3915d ago

It is fun how they always manage to fill the 360 list with games that are merely teasers.

madpuppy3915d ago (Edited 3915d ago )


The MS list has multiplats included to pad it's list.

Without the multi-plats the 360 would be seen as having not to many exclusives compared to the PS3, and we couldn't have that, could we? :P

ASTAROTH3915d ago

LOL !!!!

DLC count as a whole EXCLUSIVE now to 360 fans!! How embarassing!!. I as a multiconsole owner has just Gears 3 on my most wanted list of 360 games and just Zelda on the Wii.

Hey but thats just me!

HappyGaming3914d ago (Edited 3914d ago )

I couldn't stop laughing:
1. Call Of Duty: Black Ops ‘First Strike’ DLC


Sorry but...


King-Leonidas3914d ago

are they serious? half of those 360 ´exclusives´ are to be confirmed

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AndrewRyan3915d ago

I have to agree. These articles are a joke though because Microsoft has not announced a handful of exclusives. Even if they did I am sure they are no match for PS3 in 2011.

syanara3915d ago

@andrew ryan
neither side are really finished announcing their exclusive titles yet so we could consider this list a "if your not a PC gamer console exclusives list so far"

visualb3914d ago

PS3 has no hands =|

xD jokes aside

well, for me, the PS3 collection in 2011 is more appealing, can depend on the person though

'Appy new Year =D

Kran3915d ago

The fact is, are the flame wars even needed?

Havent people got better things to do with their lives?

EVILDEAD3603915d ago

Take the fan kid console war mantra on the internet out of it and it comes down two consoles woth two different approaches

Microsoft has 4 major exclusives that have seen success. 2 were released in 2010 and the other 2 will be released this year.

The trend down the years is with Xbox Live, the joybad, achievements...shooterrs and some major multis have found success on the platform.

After a year like the 360 had Microsft has the luxury to simply enjoy the first quater where huge multi-plats come to the system, release DLC for Black Ops and Halo, and maintain interest in Kinect.

The numbers will come in from 2010 and until E3..Micrsoft will still do numbers until E3 and it's back to business.

Sony's approach is to simply release sepquels to it's large stable of exclusives. Most notably rebooting the IPs that saw success a couple of years ago. In 09 you saw a year that had Killzone 2 ,Infamous, and Uncharted 2. In 2011, you see the release of Killzone 3, Infamous 3, and Uncharted 3. Pushing LBP2 back into this year is an early icing on the cake.

When you add reboots to Resistance, Motorstorm, and Socom etc. you can see in regards to 2011, Sony has a pretty fleshed out year.

But, the truth is every year there is a bunch of lists. At the end of the year, it's always interesting to see how it all turns out. Did fans REALLY embrace that entire list? Did the critics ACTUALLY enjoy the final retail game? What are the games that get pushed back?

Who knows..but it'll be fun to watch..

Just give me SOTC HD, Uncharted 3, Gears 3, and Elder Scrolls and I'm already talking best year of gaming ever

Either way..if your a multi-console gamer..your going to be BROKE


the_best_player3915d ago (Edited 3915d ago )

PS3 exclusives over 360 exclusives any day.
Much more work is put into the PS3 exclusives.
Also there's only so much you can do with old DVD.

The_Ultimate_Guy3915d ago

To each their own. I have more fun playing 360 games. There is a reason as to why Sony's big name franchise pale in sales compared to MS's big franchises. The fun factor. People choose fun over graphics. And on top of that, the 360 has games with awesome graphics. So I guess the 360 just gives more to their customers than what the PS3 does game wise.

Octo13915d ago

@ The_Ultimate_Guy
OMG really? You really just posted that?

SoSLy3915d ago

@The Ultimate Guy

Im getting more than 2 AAA exclusives next year, I think thats enough fun for me.

the_best_player3915d ago

Ultimate Fail Post LOL!

HappyGaming3914d ago


You are so not Ultimate...
You're not even a guy anymore you lost your balls when you clicked Add reply.

KingPin3914d ago


please tell me you forgot to put the "/s" at the end of your comment.

madpuppy3914d ago


I cannot believe that you stole a Wii fanboy statement to defend your enjoyment of your 360.

That is sad. how hard would have it been to say that you are happy with the 360's library of games and and that you haven't seen anything on the PS3 that has interested you.

YOU are not the decider of what is "fun" or not for anybody besides yourself.

Grow up and learn that what you like or dislike only matters to one person.

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hennessey863915d ago

good times. lol at all the fangirls "my consoles better than yours" hahahaha

-Superman-3915d ago

Gears Of War 3 (Exclusive, AAA)
Forza 4 (Exclusive,AAA)
Codename: Kingdoms (No gameplay or images, Crysis 2 looks bad on consoles)
XCOM (Multiplatform)
Codename D (Kinect)
Rise Of Nightmares (Kinect)
Spelunky (Kinect)
Star Wars Kinect (Kinect)
Project Draco (Kinect)

I dont care about Kinect games. Kinect games sucks.
Why there is no move games then if you added Kinect games?

PS3 list has AAA games... Xbox 360 has only mini Kinect games.

hennessey863915d ago

looks bad on consoles, you fail right there as far as i can see it looks stunning and ill be looking forward to it

SoSLy3915d ago

i believe hes saying compared to Crysis 1 which was stunning

the_best_player3915d ago

Heavy Rain has better than Crysis 2 console ver.

HappyGaming3914d ago

Gears Of War 3 (Exclusive, AAA)
Forza 4 (Exclusive, CGI Trailer so of it was even real life videos from a random clip which Microsoft had no right too yet they showed it and made it look like it was in game FAIL)
Codename: Kingdoms (Exclusive, CGI Trailer)

So 1 exclusive game.
360 has ONE exvlusive game announced that we know is AAA because we have seen it.

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Andronix3915d ago

I think NowGamer is scraping the barrel a little bit. The CoD Black Ops DLC is coming out on 360 in Feb, and on PC & PS3 1 month later. If you are a CoD fan then it probably stinks to wait an extra month, but its still the same content. But in no way is that comparable to an EXCLUSIVE full game.

Azmacna3915d ago

ok, so we all know that the PS3 has more exclusives... but can we please stop this nonsense of putting games down on the 360 because they are Kinect games. basically, PS3 fanboys would put MS down for not supporting Kinect while at the same time they want to put MS down for supporting it. with this in mind, it's quite fair for 360 owners to put down Sony for supporting MOVE

phinch3915d ago

where were the move games on that list actually? you can't tell me there won't be one exclusive move game in 2011

SpinalRemains1383914d ago

No one is down on MS for supporting Kinect.

We are simply laughing at the fact that your exclusive list is riddled with them and only them. It's just bad.

ZombieKiller3914d ago

Why? Wasn't it 360 spitting on ps3 gamers since the beginning with "PS3 has no games" and "PS3 is crap, has crappy online, blah blah blah"
I've had a PS3 since day freakin 1 and all you 360 gamers had to say was that your system is better. Now that the PS3 is catching up and about to surpass the 360's crazy lead, now that the PS3 displays IT'S TRUE POWER, you 360 hounds back down. Why? Because you are wrong. Because you were wrong to begin with and always will be wrong if you go 360 exclusive. Yet you still follow that company blindly as it rapes you of your wallet every year. You REALLY think M$ cares about Hardcore gamers? Or gamers in general?! No....why do you think its going after Kinect? Because its a family thing. Family equals more people which equals more MONEY! Yet the 360 fanboys will stomp and scream their system is better. Sounds like childish behavior...wait, most of xbox live are children anyway. Hah. Maybe thats why it seems people on PSN are alot nicer. Cause they aren't someone's little 9 year old learning how to say a racist comment for the first time. If it's not 9 year olds, its hackers and snotty a-holes. Those SAME people were created by M$ snotty attitude, and they spit on PS3 for years.....and it STILL rose above.
Yet STILL does M$ TRIES spit on PS3 gamers by buying timed rights. Yes, I mean COD. I am a COD fan and a bigger PS3 fan. Why? EXCLUSIVES. God of War 1 and 2, Metal Gear, and SOCOM were amongst my favorite series on PS2 and I got shafted because I wanted to continue the trend. All because M$ had to dip noodle in the gaming industry. Sometimes honestly I wish that the 360 did not exist.
But it's ok because Sony has made me FINALLY realize that I don't need COD anymore by releasing Uncharted 3 alongside the next COD. So Activision can stay in bed with M$,I won't be buying their game each year that they poop out, instead I'll get Uncharted....oh and IF I actually do want that COD title next year, I'll STILL have that option as well.

   /ɪkˈsklusɪv, -zɪv/ Show Spelled[ik-skloo-siv, -ziv]

limited to the object or objects designated: exclusive attention to business.

taken from

HolyOrangeCows3915d ago (Edited 3915d ago )

You know that the 360 is short on exclusives that aren't projects or Kinect games when the first thing listed is timed DLC.

So it's a good thing that MS is putting twice as much support into Kinect, which only makes up about 3% of Xbox owners, than into core/hardcore games?

btw, Xcom is multiplatform.

colonel1793915d ago (Edited 3915d ago )

I can tell by this list that 360 fans are "optimistic". Listing 5 projects, 1 DLC and 1 multiplatform game (also on PC). Really? Do they really think that all those "projects" that don't even have a name (Project Draco, Codename Kingdoms, etc) will be out in 2011? and why do they insist in calling exclusive a game which is also on PC?

I am sorry, but it doesn't take a fanboy to know that the 360 lineup for 2011 is NOT EXISTENT, period. This is not about a fanboy war, or a flamebait article. It is about MS ignoring their fans, for the allusion that they will be as successful as the Wii with kinect.

MS has been doing very stupid decisions, that while they are rewarding in the short term, they are destroying them in the long run. They can brag that they sold as many 360 as they want, and they could even beat the Wii in sales if they want, but if this 2011 line up is any indication, they are NOT preparing for the furure. They are not investing in First party studios for the next generation, they are not solidifying their fan base to win them over in future generations (by having faulty hardware, ignoring them with kinect, etc).

I don't care what they do this gen. It is the next generation that MS will have a hard time when they realize everything they are doing now, is just trying to beat Sony and Nintendo, instead of focusing on building a brand that last more generations.

SImple put, what would happen if third parties decide to back up Sony and/or Nintendo next gen instead of MS? What would they have? I know they don't have First Party studios to "survive" like Sony did with the PS3, or Nintendo with Mario, Zleda, Kirby, etc

The Lazy One3914d ago

@"SImple put, what would happen if third parties decide to back up Sony and/or Nintendo next gen instead of MS?"

for one, they wouldn't. It doesn't make any sense when porting costs are made up by selling 1,000 copies. Third parties will do just like they've done this whole generation and release it for every platform that makes sense. If they didn't M$ would probably just open more studios. They probably would have opened more this gen, but they had to pay $1 billion from their gaming division to pay for RROD.

Seriously that's just a ridiculous "what if" question. What if a meteor crashes into Sony headquarters next gen? As long as we're throwing out baseless hypotheticals we might as well get extra crazy.

And they have opened 5 studios this generation; 343 industries, bigpark, wingnut, MGS mobile, and good science.

PirateThom3914d ago (Edited 3914d ago )

343 Industries, who only exist to take over from Bungie, while Bungie have gone multiplatform. They literally only exist because Microsoft need someone to pump out Halo games.
Big Park, already on Kinect duty
Wingnut, formed in 2006, never released a game, Halo: Chronicles cancelled, supposed to be working on something, no news.
MGS Mobile, Windows Mobile 7 games, not even 360 related.
Good Science, already on Kinect duty.

They could start up a hundred studios, but if they're all making Kinect games (BigPark, Good Science) or nothing (Wingnut), who cares?

Of Microsoft's 9 studios (and Wingnut might as well not exist), 3 are making Kinect titles, 1 has yet to make a project, 1 will only work on Halo, 1 doesn't work on 360, 1 only makes XBLA titles (and haven't made anything since that South Park tower defence game is Wikipedia is to be believed, maybe they act more in a publishing capacity?) and Turn 10 are on Forza and Lionhead are on Fable/Kinect.

The Lazy One3914d ago

You're missing the point.

Microsoft has started studios this generation with a $1 billion sinkhole to deal with at the same time. There's no reason to believe that they can't start studios if they need to or contract studios to make games for them.

The Lazy One3914d ago

There was an article like this that was just a straight up timeline with all the releases by day, month, and quarter in a nice picture with 360/PS3/PC. Does anyone know where that went? As far as I can recall it was the only one that seemed to have every AAA game announced with a release date in 2011.

Vherostar3914d ago

I love how they dumbed down ps3s lists and missed out some of the big hitters and put in games like DC universe and FF14 to make 360s list look a bit better. Yet PS3s list still blows 360s away..

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Stealth20k3915d ago

Hes missing like 25 ps3 exclusives. While thats all the 360 ones.

rrw3915d ago

they also decide to add xbox exclusives DLC becouse they run out of games

QuodEratDemonstrandm3914d ago

You failed to point out that it's a TIMED exclusive. First Strike will be on PS3 a month after it hits 360.

And the article called it a coup...a COUP... 360 has been getting CoD DLC first for ages, so how is this something that they just snatched from Sony at the last minute?

Nate-Dog3915d ago

Um what? Did you even read the article?

Focker4203915d ago

They forgot The Last Guardian, Ratchet & Clank All for One, Yakuza 4, Sorcery, Valkyria Chronicles 2, MLB The Show 2011, Heroes on the Move, ICO Collection, Journey, and I'm certain I'm missing a couple, its hard to keep track of them all.

GeneGodHand3915d ago

Motorstorm: Apocalypse is my number one anyone who doesn't buy it is missing out and if you say no HA that is all.

huzzaahh3915d ago (Edited 3915d ago )

Punctuation helps.

Motorstorm looks great, though. Not my most anticipated, but definitely a must-buy.

GeneGodHand3915d ago

Too late to edit man lol.

SnakeMustDie3915d ago

Another article comparing the exclusives of both consoles for 2011. Nothing to see here.

3915d ago
SpinalRemains1383914d ago

Nothing to see on Microsoft's list anyway.

zackacloud3915d ago (Edited 3915d ago )

If Final Fantasy Versus XIII will be exlusive on ps3

it will be end of xbox 360 rpg games

madao3915d ago

You can never be certain when Imperial Hot is in charge of Square Enix.