PlayStation Move Buyer's Guide (Movemodo)

Movemodo writes: Now you've got PlayStation Move you need some great games to go along with it. Here are some of our recommendations from the team at Movemodo to help you pick out the best games for your gaming style.

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JoeReno3244d ago

Sly collection, MAG, Sports Champions, the Fight, and the Shoot (which wasn't on movemodo's list) I've enjoyed a lot.

FailOverHero3243d ago

I agree with everything except the fight. Just my opinion

pswi603243d ago

the shoot and the fight are both great games, i've enjoyed them immensly.

cabellas 2011 with the move controller is good too, but i have to say the top shot elite is a bit better.

that is, until the kz3 gun attachment comes out =)

TheLastGuardian3243d ago

The Sly Collection should be in the core game category. It's not a family game but it is a must buy for everyone with a PS3.

remanutd553243d ago

games i play with PS MOVE with my personal score :
MAG = 9.5/10
Heavy Rain = 9/10
Sports Champions 8.5/10
Echochrome = 8/10
Sly Cooper = 6/10 ( you can only play mini games with the move , i was expecting to play the whole 3 games with it )
Eyepet = 8/10
Sackboys Prehistoric Moves = 3/ 10 , LBP 2 needs to come navigation controller support
my best experience with the control thus far have to be MAG no doubt about it , wasnt easy to get used to it and i was messing my Kill/death ratio but its very entertaining now that i have mastered the control , i think im ready for Killzone 3, Socom 4 and Sorcery

Elimin83243d ago

I agree on LBP Sackboy's prehistoric MOVE. That was gay. Grabbed my Nav and Move controller thinking I can play with both that was a no no. You NEED 2 players for that...

remanutd553243d ago

yes you need 2 players to play it , LBP 2 needs to have both ( navigation and motion controllers ) support

jneul3243d ago

I don't agree with your score for sly and LBP Prehistoric moves, but other than that great post
For me I did not mind playing with another person so LBP Prehistoric moves was a 7/10 for me, and the sly collection was awesome like you said only the mini-games had move feature, but i really still enjoyed the game 8.5/10 from me

remanutd553243d ago

oh the game is great ( Sly Cooper Collection ) the minis are great too but i was expecting to play the whole 3 games with the ps MOVE not just a couple of mini games, thats why i only gave it 6 / 10 and Sackboys prehistoric moves is fun but it should have both controller support , i have played it with someone else too and its fun but its not the way its supposed to be played , we all know that , i hope LBP2 comes with both controllers support

offdawall3243d ago

preordered kz3 with move :)

jneul3243d ago (Edited 3243d ago )

move games I really enjoyed
Heavy Rain(Move edition) 9.5/10
RE5:Gold 9.5/10
Time Crisis:Raising storm 8.2/10
Sports Champions 8.6/10
Sly Collection 8.5/10
LBP Prehistoric Moves 7/10
Labrat 7/10
Tumble 8/10
Eyepet 9/10
The Fight:Lights Out 8/10
Singstar:Dance 8/10