Kotaku: Lian Li PC-V2120 Full Tower Case Review

Much like Ferrari and Lamborghini in the automotive world, Lian Li is considered by many to be the flagship computer chassis manufacturer.

Although they have been in business since 1983, it wasn't until around 2000 that they began turning heads with their all-aluminum PC-60 series enclosures. This happened to be the first enthusiast case I ever reviewed, and at the time, it was light years ahead of anything else on the market.

Newtype4651d ago

Lian Li FTW.

Lian Li > All PC Cases

toaster4651d ago

For the price of one of these with the black interior you can get a Corsair D800 and another case, or 2 Cooler Master HAF X's, both of which provide much better cooling and way more features than the Lian Li case. Silly that they charge you $30 for a black interior. Lian Li are for people who have more money than brains. I'd rather take a CM 690II advanced mid tower with more fans, cleaner interior, cable management options, etc.. than a Lian Li just for the epeen. If yoou need that much space in a case get a Cosmos S from Cooler Master.

AndrewRyan4651d ago

I have a coolermaster storm scout with a modified interior to fit even the biggest video cards. Black interior looks amazing with my black ASUS motherboard and I have 3 120mm RED LED fans and a 140mm RED LED on the top.

Only cost me $84 for the case plus the 1 fan I bought extra.

Letros4651d ago

I love this one, although I'd never own one...


Xristo4651d ago

I like my Cooler Master HAF 932.....plenty of space and great air circulation. Also MUCH cheaper.


Dose any one still cares what Kotaku thinks :/

pixelsword4651d ago

I don't.

I'll comment here, but I won't likely click on their story.

CoLD FiRE4651d ago

I will stick with my Thermaltake Xaser VI

Rhythmattic4651d ago (Edited 4651d ago )

My Fave....

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