Far Cry 2010: Demo Out Now

The playable demo of the mod "FarCry 2010" version 0.15.42c is finally online! This contains the first three levels of mod solo "remastered" with all new vegetation inspired by Crysis. but also new textures and detail!

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iamgoatman3238d ago

Me to, the potential was there for that game to become brilliant, although it was still pretty good anyway. But Ubisoft release a mod kit for a PC game? Not on your nelly. (Memo to self, use that phrase more often)

deafwing3230d ago

damn fc2 was doodoo on a stick
regret purchasing that pile of donkey poo

fire spreading grass my @$$$ ... pffft

KillerPwned3238d ago

Do we need Far Cry to run this mod?

SixZeroFour3237d ago

you disagree to a question? shouldnt you be disagreeing with the answer (if anyone answers it)?

ATi_Elite3237d ago

Far Cry 3 in 2012 as the game is already in development