Homefront Preview (Hooked Gamers)

Home is where the heart… erm war is. Imagine if your home was no longer yours, if it was no longer safe. It was a place of oppression with the slightest air of freedom sucked from the atmosphere. You couldn’t go where you want; you couldn’t do as you please. The army was in tatters, the country’s leadership has failed you and the only law you know is a fearful one enforced by violence. Your family, friends and loved ones are taken from you, maybe even killed, and everyone is helpless to do anything. What would you do? Fight the hell back of course!

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Dellis3237d ago

This game is overhyped, saw the commercial yesterday and they plugged that this was written by the man who wrote RED DAWN and other books.

ChronoJoe3237d ago


I see like, next to no one hyped for this game. I personally think it looks great, but it's definitely underhyped, if anything. lol

SLEDGE3237d ago

I really want to see more from the Multiplayer of this game.

MGRogue20173237d ago (Edited 3237d ago )

I'm participating in the private closed multi-player beta for this game. It is awesome.

The graphics & performance have definately improved from the last beta client I tried. I may actually get this game now. :)

Downtown boogey3237d ago (Edited 3237d ago )

This game is just exploiting the shock effect of an invasion in America... It's cheap and not really effective for Europeans like me.

Though I am 'shocked' by the graphics shown so far. The presentation actually looks good.

NegativeCreepWA3237d ago

I think we've all played enough military shooters that take place in Europe. Maybe they should of made the 100th game about WWII. Would you be happy then?

Downtown boogey3237d ago

No, let me clarify...
The devs themselves have said they're emphasizing on feel of America under siege and promoted that as their essential selling point. The whole conceit itself is also pretty far-fetched, to be honest.

femshep3237d ago

im looking forward to this game hopefully the story will be good but who just so sick of it always being America in a war against Russia.....the 2 countries are close allies just cause we had our differences in the 1950's dosn't mean we still hate them

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