Gran Turismo in 2010: The Year in Review

GTPlanet: Fans of the Gran Turismo series have been through a lot over the past 13 years or so, but none of those years have been as dramatic as 2010.

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MariaHelFutura3236d ago (Edited 3236d ago )

GT5 is amazing. Gamers don`t get why, Machine lovers do.

BTW, you`re not even playing GT5 unless your using a FF wheel.

FailOverHero3236d ago

Maybe they shouldn't have made it a game then. Maybe they should have made it a machine instead. 10/10 machine wrapped up in a 5/10 game then?

MariaHelFutura3236d ago

Some of the machines would cost $250,000-$1,000,000 each.

GT5 cost $60.

UP3235d ago

FailOverHero: That was one of the worst troll attempts I have ever seen. Really comparing making a car and making a car game.

karl3235d ago

i gotta say this..

if anyone think that there is a better simulator on consoles than GT5 u've been fooled...

what those games attempt is a fast and the furious feeling, not a real racing car feeling...

GT5 is the real deal.. if u re looking for a simulator

guzman3235d ago

@Failoverhero: Well...atleast you live up to your namesake. Protip: Don't quit your day job.

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STONEY43235d ago (Edited 3235d ago )

"BTW, you`re not even playing GT5 unless your using a FF wheel."

And you're not using an FF wheel unless you turn Skid Recovery Force off. In fact, you're not even playing the game with that on. That assist literally makes the difference between pseudo-sim and sim.

hiredhelp3235d ago

AGREED Ilove gt since the first GT. no game has ever come close to making a car handle the way you like it to by tuning a car.or changing the oil because your bhp drop's man thats mental.
my settings are TRACTION 0-2 ASM on as all cars today sports specially have ASM thoe if you like drifting take it off love gt GT will never be beaten.

starcb263235d ago

This is my first sim so I have to use it :(

Boody-Bandit3235d ago

Man STONEY4 you got a hold of that one and knocked it out of the park. Playing with all the assist off is the only way to play the GT series. It adds a whole other level of intensity and immersion. White knuckle driving at it's best!

nopunctuation3235d ago

gt5 may have almost had me buying into the hype but i just cant deal with the fact that there are 800 cars in the game that are graphically weaker than the other 200 i mean come on i would rather have a graphically consistent game with 100 cars than a disjointed game with 1000 this game should have been pushed back a little bit longer to fix those issues but that is what happens when you rush perfection i guess

SoapShoes3235d ago

Nah the cars actually don't look that bad. I have a Buick GNX and while not as great as the premium it looks just as good if not better than all other car games.

I am glad they didn't just include the 230 or so premiums as there are many good standard models that would have gone missed. Also, who are you kidding? If they only had 200 cars in the game you'd be crying foul.

poindat3235d ago (Edited 3235d ago )

My thoughts exactly. There are a couple standards that do indeed look awful, but honestly, I'd say that 90+ percent of the standards look anywhere from decent to almost premium quality. And let's be honest here, most of the time in the game is spent actually RACING rather than looking at the car, and all of the standards run on the new and improved physics engine (obviously, duh) so you're still getting the full driving experience.

And just to refute your point, Nopunctuation, that there should have been no standards: I own 348 cars in the game. 60 of those are premiums. 288 are standards. I do most of my driving in standard cars because they give variety and incentive to collect, which is what GT is all about to me. Trust me, the game would be a hell of a lot weaker and more bland without the standards than with them.

STONEY43235d ago

Pretty much, some standards look great. Such as the Bugatti Veyron and Mazda Furai, which sometimes looks similar to premiums. But there are others, like the Daihatsu Midget and my F-150 that just look... terrible.

And having the 800 standards is waay better than just having only 200 cars. There goes most of the LeMans prototypes, touring cars, and everyday production cars.

thereapersson3235d ago

PD recently patched a lot of the cars with improved texturing and even fixed the jaggy shadow issue as well. PD will continue to improve the game, so any previous complaints will effectively be nullified. Really, you should just buy the game. It's absolutely worth the 60 bucks, which is more than you can say for a lot of games this generation.

PS3n3603235d ago (Edited 3235d ago )

I am fully updated and the jaggies are still there and really badly. I only drive black cars now so I dont have to look at them. I dont know where you get your info from but that is false. Still my fav racing game but damn it isnt pretty


the normal cars really dont look that bad, they look better than every other game.

acedoh3235d ago

I think the difference between the cars has become an excuse by those trying to criticize this game. Having the variety is actually very nice and makes the game that much better. I have always loved the car collecting aspect and being able to actually take cars and try them out. GT5 is by far my favorite GT game to date.

hiredhelp3234d ago

there are many ported from the previous GT's but dude if you a real GT fan you over look some of that and use play this game as its meant to be aprechiated as a real simulation no matter how some cars look.

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Prcko3235d ago

best driving game,and even most sold driving game this generation!!

FailOverHero3235d ago

Because sales equal quality...

Undeadwolfy3235d ago (Edited 3235d ago )

Thats not true. CoD: Black Ops or MW2. Quality = sales? I dont think so.

For me, GT4 falls under the same category. I didnt like GTA4 but it is the 3rd largest selling game behind MW2 and BLOPS. I was dissapointed in that. San Andreas was more fun. Just my opinion.

MGS4 sold over 5 million. Alot of games have beaten that record yet none of those have come to the 10/10 quality that MGS4 received and deserves.

khamvongsa093235d ago

I think he was being sarcastic...

offdawall3235d ago

looks like GT5 is gonna surpass 5 million in a few days according to vg , so much fot that shipped not sold stuff

level 3603235d ago

I do would really like to see them fix those dreaded shadows, they are quite irritating and messes with the lovely look of the cars..

..besides that it is that epic and a shining gem.

PS3n3603235d ago

Agree, I think you and I are the only two people admitting there are jaggies lol.