How To Make The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim A Successful Sequel

Now that The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim has been announced and dated, us fans are seriously wondering about the gameplay elements. The engines from Morrowind and Oblivion had their faults that all true fans of the franchise could easily point out to you. Overall, Bethesda Softworks has given great title after great title, and here’s what they should do/avoid to make Skyrim an instant classic like Oblivion.

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MariaHelFutura3238d ago (Edited 3238d ago )

Don`t be as "buggy" as FO3/NV and i`ll be fine. Hire some more testers.

AndrewRyan3238d ago

It's a new engine so there shouldn't be much problems.

- Ghost of Sparta -3237d ago

It's impossible for Bethesda to release a game that isn't a buggy POS so my expectations are lower than hell.

Reibooi3237d ago

It's been confirmed as using a new engine? I haven't been following it very well but I had heard awhile back that it was going to use the same old crappy gamebryo engine or whatever it's called.

If it is indeed true that it's using a new engine and the new engine is a decent engine that alone would fix a good 70% or so of the issues alot of people had with oblivion like the butt fugly characters the glitchy as hell game play and the copy and paste dungeons and areas.

Spenok3237d ago (Edited 3237d ago )

A new engine doesnt mean there wont be problems. Hell a new engine means there would be more. They would just need to be ironed out before release for a game to not have bugs like in every other major Bethesda release. MariaHelFutura is right about them needing to hire more testers. If they had more there games at launch would be much better. Not to say that they arent great already.

disturbing_flame3238d ago

If it could be a PC game and not an oriented friendly console game, it would be awesome too.

yesah3237d ago

YES, HAHHAHAHAHAHA i have waited long and long for this game to arrive, and now it is coming. I shall take up my gaming fingers and smite down its gameplay with my ferocious POWER!

TheDivine3237d ago

Add better bosses, big bosses. Oblivion had potential to have every gate be a punishing level with a bad ass boss at the end. Loved the combat but fix leveling and add more landscapes, not all the same shi*. Maybe enemy castles and more variety in dungeuns. Add in random hidden stuff/people to add to the world feel. Bigger and better. Cant wait to see a real trailer and gameplay.

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avroth163238d ago

I agree with everything in the article. Can't wait to play it.

Great article.

Cwalk8163238d ago

I pretty much agree, although it'd be lame if there was no longer Dark Brotherhood.

RedDead3238d ago (Edited 3238d ago )

"eep the great storyline going! The storyline from Oblivion truly made us feel as if we were immersed in an epic ta"

Really? Oblivions story was meh, the main one anyway.

"The weapon selection is fairly good already, however, we wouldn’t mind seeing some spears, halberds, and crossbows. I know a lot of you are saying, “What? There was tons of magic in Oblivio"

ummm author acts like he played Morrowind. Morrowind had this^^^

Now as for the dark brotherhood. There is an Assassin's guild in every ES. Since 2, not so sure about first one. I'm telling you in terms of content and guilds, ES4 is ES3 with less guilds, less quests, a smaller world, a more generic world, a better combat system, better graphics.

I would prefare the Morag thong to DB honestly for skyrim, I don't like the whole Sithis thing very much

Edit---also, the author doesn't talk about the real problem with Oblvion. The game world and loot levels up with you. It makes levelling up pointless, there real no dangers to exploring from level 1. No where you can't go because the enemies are too strong. No reason to get look for new armor or even need it, every enemy will have Deadric armor when you level up enough. really it's pointless.

Morrowind had this much better, I was kicking the crap out of everything at the start, thinking I was the shit I went into somewhere I shouldn't have. Got my ass handed to me by one person. Reloaded and tried again and again. I couldn't beat him and decided to leave this place till later. 10 hours later I came back to him, I destroyed him and felt like a god. Turns out his little hideout was home to some Elven armor. How happy was I? very fu**ing happy i'll tell you that. At that point I could only find some shitty mithril or something

Baka-akaB3237d ago (Edited 3237d ago )

Oblivion had a story ? first i heard of it .

joke aside yeah , it's funny how they pretend the game had good writing and a plot , outside of the books on the shelves of the game (wich are actually cool) .

And the way the game handled dialogues was just horrible

obviously the game had other qualities and things going on ... but plotting ? meh

scruffy_bear3237d ago

Thats why I love Morrowind

Tru_Blu3237d ago

Totally agree about the leveling. The way Oblivion did it was lame.

RaymondM3238d ago

I never had the patience for Elder scrolls, but it did look amazing and complex, so maybe I'll give this one a try...

thegreatest78843238d ago

My only gripe was the outdated engine, other than that they should do what they did in Oblivion, easily my favorite rpg of all time.

chainer30003237d ago

when it released it was far from an outdated engine... there is no way you're talking about Oblivion?

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