2011 Console Games We Want To See On The PC

BD: While 2011 already has a full slate of PC games schedule for release in the next year there are also a number of console exclusive titles that we think PC gamers would embrace as well. In fact some console exclusive titles for 2011 were originally announced as coming for the PC as well but apparently the publishers have changed their minds.

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Agent-863788d ago (Edited 3788d ago )

Quote from article regarding if LA Noire will make it to PC: "Rockstar tends to release PC ports of nearly all of its console games at some point although sometimes it takes as much as two years for that to happen. So put a LA Noire PC version in the "possibly one day" category."

If this is the case, I'd really like to see Red Dead Redemption make it to PC. Loved it on the console and think it would be great on the PC. Just imagine the mods that could be made for it.

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trounbyfire3788d ago


not for nerds but arrogant, pompous assclown that think just because they can name a PC component like graphics card they a special.

imy graphics card is a neon Xts006wxt
i have 20 gigs of ram
my processor is 100 ghz<< actually those are real but not for consumers
and so on


Kevin ButIer3788d ago

Come on PC guys if you can upgrade your gaming PC you can get a PS3 too.

See you in PSN or SC2 if you dont want a PS3

Agent-863788d ago (Edited 3788d ago )

@Kevin Butler, I do own a PS3....that's how I was able to play Red Dead Redemption. I was just pointing out that it would be great if it was also out on PC, like most of Rockstar's other games. But, that's why I like owning a gaming PC plus a PS3, so I get the best of both worlds.

pr0digyZA3788d ago

Lol thats true and that is why most PC guys do own at least a PS3 if not all consoles.I see you in every PC article trounbyfire, if I didn't know any better I would think you really want a PC but your parents won't give it to you.

Da_Evil_Monkey3788d ago (Edited 3788d ago )


not all PC gamers are assclowns, some are, but it's only the same as some PS3 owners and Xbox owners being assclowns as well. For some reason a few PC guys feel the need to just be idiots and slam consoles, unfortunately these 'elitists' will miss out on some great games that are for console only such as Red Dead Redemption, Uncharted, Gears of War (2 and 3) or even Super Mario Galaxy.

The best way to fully experience the variety of games on offer is to own all platforms. That way if a game is exclusive you still get to play it and enjoy it. Sure your PC might be the best spec you can buy and by all means enjoy it, but don't slam others just because they don't choose the same platform as you. If you rely on PC only you miss out on some great games, just like if you rely on one console only.

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Rainstorm813788d ago

Why would PC guys want a console exclusive.....hear them tell it

"PC is teh bestest, why would we wanna play console games when i have my mouse and keyboard with Crysis "

Keep wishing for games like Uncharted and Red Dead....until then theres always Half life, crysis, wow and starcraft....

or theres the other option BUY A CONSOLE!!!!

cakeisalie3788d ago (Edited 3788d ago )

Last Uncharted was released in 2009 thats about 1 good console game in that year.

RDR was the only good console exclusive this year.

Why buy a console just for 2-3 GOOD exclusives a year, rest of the games are just cheaper and superior on PC anyways. No point spending so much money to get a console then pay royalties on every game to Microsoft or Sony just for those 2-3 exclusives a year(PC has its own exclusives too btw so those just count out against each other).

trounbyfire3788d ago



you lie and superior LOL i think not. WE get most the games in the industry and only a few pc franchises are around to day. 2-3 exclusive YEAR RIGHT your a joke.

pc fanboys just like to mod and its a tiny fraction of the gaming industry.

console and handhelds are the back of this industry. we can survive without pc games but no console games would be the end of our industry

also those annoying i phone gamers that try to be apart of our industry STOP. we don't want you or your BS transaction fee games to creep into our games anymore

rjdofu3788d ago (Edited 3788d ago )

@cakeisalie: LOLWUT? PC game sure have a lot of exclusive, but name me how many AAA PC exclusives a year, compare to the PS3 exclusives, or the xbox360 exclusive? Quality >>>> quantity my friend. And please suggest me a gamming PC, which can run those "good" exclusive in high setting, with less than $300?

LOL tell you what, in 2009, PC has no god damn AAA exclusive to begin with.

Who gives a damn about a gaming PC which can run a few good game with incredible graphic huh? What I need is a system which has enough AAA games.

never_waste_a_bullet3788d ago

PS3 exclusives... 'nuff said

PS3 exclusives is what keeps me going back to console

Ratchet5103788d ago

sony always have the best games and best looking, for example best graphics of 2010 went to ps3 god of war 3 look it up

never_waste_a_bullet3788d ago

yeah keeps me coming back, wanting more and more... GOW is a great game - one of my favs- and maybe best looking on console.. but I wouldn't say it wins the best graphics of 2010 if you count PC

cakeisalie3788d ago (Edited 3788d ago )

Personally dont really care about the odd games that are Console exclusive, most games are out on PC anyways and are alot cheaper.

If i look at the year 2010, i hardly see a console exclusive worth talking about. Only game i would have liked this year on PC would be RDR.

Overall i must have played 25-30 games this year. For 2-3 games that are console exclusive i am not going to end up paying more for all the rest of games i do play on PC (which i bought far cheaper). Hence i dont see the sense of owning a Console just for 2-3 games in a year. Console gaming is just too expensive imo.

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Pandamobile3788d ago (Edited 3788d ago )

LA Noire is the only game on that list where I really want a PC version, but there are a couple of other games that aren't in the realm of possibility that I'd love to see on PC in their full glory.

Killzone 3 and Uncharted 3 at 1080p and up, at 60 FPS with some high quality anti-aliasing would be look awesome.

Hazmat133788d ago

sandbox editor for Crysis2 on PS3, 360, ok im done. Uncharted2 on PC would be epic!

achippedbrick3788d ago

i wouldnt like to satisfy killzone 3s and uncharted deceptions visuals for that 1080p and 60fps it would look like mario for snes on your pcs

SnakeMustDie3788d ago

PS3 exclusives will be great on the PC. Although it will be kinda akward if you don't have a controller.

reynod3788d ago

Breaking news, you can use the DS3 on the PC. If you already own a PS3 no need to buy a new controller for the PC.

never_waste_a_bullet3788d ago

more breaking news, most people play PC games with a mouse... and that's how it should be

MVGeneral3788d ago

Even more breaking news,
There is no vibration feature on a mouse, and only strategy and fps games are better with the mouse and keyboard. But fighting, racing, platforming, third person, and sports games are better with a controller.

SnakeMustDie3788d ago (Edited 3788d ago )

When I said a controller, I meant any kind of controller either DS3, 360 controller or third party. Its kinda different experience if you play games that are designed for consoles with a keyboard and mouse and I use my DS3 for my PC to play games like Batman on the PC.

ct033788d ago

Third person is clearly inferior on a controller. Using the mouse to change the camera perspective and aim is MUCH faster and more precise than using an analog stick.

I agree about fighting, platforming and sports games. But I don't play any of that. For racing games I use a wheel.

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il-mouzer3788d ago

@ SnakeMustDie

actually a lot of PC games nowadays come supported with a "gamepad function" which supports controllers natively - even if such a function isn't available setting it up isn't as hard as one might think.

strangely enough I always turn vibration off from my gamepads

SnakeMustDie3788d ago

I know about that but some PC gamers doesn't have the luxury to have a Gamepad or Controller so my point still stands.

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