Xbox 360 Gaming on the Go

This is the coolest Xbox 360 accessory I've seen to date. It's a big steel case that carries your Xbox 360, controllers, cables and a flat screen. Once you get to where ever you are going you just pop open the hinged-lid and get to playing. Fantastic idea for LAN parties.

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Marriot VP5381d ago

Why do people buy screens for their console?

If your going somewhere that somewhere WILL have a TV of some kind. Hotel, family member, etc. It's a waist of money.

SjaakHaas5381d ago

Thats what i tought. In december (just got the 360 2 days) we went to a hotel and the television had a SCART connection but i wanst able to view that video-channel. Thats due to the fact that you need to pay for the movies in the hotel and dont watch ur own DVDs...

LK5381d ago

yeah, but if someone watch tv just bust out your case and start play. awesome
where can i buy this.

kewlkat0075381d ago

Don't you see that you can take this everywhere and start playing just by plugging it. This thing is ready to go where ever. I can take this to work and play after hours. To a friends house and don't have to play split screen.

First of all its only useful for gaming purposes cause if I wanted a dvd player; they sell portables a 1/3rd of that size. I do not need to fiddle with extra monitor casue you alway shave one.

Anyhow if this was to make it to the market I could see myself purchasing if it does what its suppose to.

specialguest5381d ago

this is a great product. definately good for travel...since that is what it's generally made for.

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