Kaz Hirai Admits Stiff Competition from Mobile Devices

The recent convergence of portable gaming and phone devices is a great opportunity for Sony to put out a product that excels in both markets. Kaz Hirai, who operates Sony’s PlayStation division, admits that while mobile devices do present stiff competition for the PlayStation Portable, his company has been thinking of a successor “since the day” it was released.

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Dylantalon13236d ago

im quite sure that the psp2 will be powerful and amazing because this is sonys second time releasing a handheld console.

FrankMcSpank3236d ago

Nintendo said the same thing. It's crazy that these companies are a little worried about phone app services.

silvacrest3236d ago

theres good reason for that, the popularity of those devices has exploded

sony would do good to jump on that bandwagon while they can, the PSPhone as well as PSP2 could integrate a app service, what is really important is what OS/security is used

Oldsnake0073236d ago

they will shoot themself in the foot this time if they go dd only.

Elimin83236d ago

Technically it will be their 3rd. The PSPGo being the second...

s0ph1atr0n3236d ago

And if it uses memory sticks, like SD format, then we'll also get the quick load times that the DS currently offers.

Stealth20k3236d ago (Edited 3236d ago )

And look how the microsoft phone is doing, its flopping. Quite hard.

The psphone will flop as well.

Only the 3ds and psp2 will be successful because they are actual gaming devices.

Phones arent.

Pedantic913236d ago (Edited 3236d ago )

Why even make the PSPhone anyway ? Sony has been known to make some rather silly moves as of late (599 US dollah !) but they're also known for being able to bounce back into the competition (299$).

Something similar might happen between the PSPhone (will flop) and the PSP2 (success)

trevonn953236d ago

so u expected them to sell a device that cost about 800$ to make 300$? do u want sony to die or somethng because 600$ was a bargin considering the first blue ray player was 1000$ i think

silvacrest3236d ago

why you want the PSPhone to fail is beyond me, you do realize it is still a sony device right? if you want it to fail thats sonys money wasted

but what i really love about the comments above is the total lack of evidence/reason as to why the PSPHone will fail

dont tell me, it just will because you guys dont want it..

"Why even make the PSPhone anyway ?"

because the iphone has shown that games on a cell phone sell, simple as that, now, add android OS and proper gaming buttons and you have a desirable device

the PSP2 will sell just fine, there is no need to want this device to fail simply because you dont want it

Tony-Red-Grave3236d ago

enough with the psphone crap to begin it isn't even a playstation its made by sony ericsson if it fails theres no direct impact to playstation -common sense-

SilverSlug3236d ago

Glad they are seeing trends and hopefully adapt to them.

GeneGodHand3236d ago

You can do it everyone knows Sony is synonymous with quality.

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The story is too old to be commented.