S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat - The best singleplayer experience of 2010

Here's a game that won't have a big, rich publisher backing it for the year end's game of the year awards all over the web and media. But it is an excellent game worthy of praise none the less.

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Letros3236d ago

It was pretty damn good!

MAJ0R3236d ago

glad to hear, just bought it on steam for 5 bucks lol

Megaton3236d ago

Same, haven't played it yet though.

UCMEandICU3236d ago

Haven't played Metro yet but I was hoping it would give a similar feel to the stalker series.

I would hope the series come to consoles but it has to be done right and there's only one console I can see it being done right on. Pulling a crysis2 for a game like this would be sad.

toaster3236d ago (Edited 3236d ago )

Yeah it's really underrated. The atmosphere is incredible.

ROFL Dude I was sooo high when I posted that thread, I actually don't care about it. I'll wait until my submissions get to 1337 lol. But yeah it's sad to see it not at 1337..couldn't keep it forever.

Megaton3236d ago

Thought you weren't posting on mainsite anymore? Dun goofed, broke your 1337.

sobekflakmonkey3236d ago

i dont see whats so great about this game, i guess i'll have to try it out??

soundslike3236d ago (Edited 3236d ago )

I'm glad people have supported GSC enough for them to keep making these games.

I can't even imagine what they could accomplish in the future, now that their rocky "alpha-build -> scrap --> re-design game -> slowly build back to original vision" seems to be over

Xfanboy3236d ago

I hear stalker 2 is coming to consoles..

LunaticBrandon3236d ago

Hopefully they will be releasing a true STALKER game on the PC and milk console owners with a dumbed down version that cost $10 more.

OnlyTheTruth3236d ago (Edited 3236d ago )

I think GSC are too ambitious to dumb their products down on purpose. What I mean is the PC version of the game is most likely going to be as close to their vision as they can get and if they have to scale things back for the consoles, so be it. I just can't see STALKER 2 being STALKER 2 in name, with a hollow core; I see STALKER 2 fitting right at home with PC and perhaps wearing a pair of jeans a few sizes too small on console. Or, that's my hope at least.

EDIT: Sorry, this sounds incredibly anti-console. I just mean that if they absolutely MUST make sacrifices, I hope it'll be exclusive to consoles. In a perfect video game world, everything would be equal for everyone though.

If studios like GSC had the numbers of Bungie and the endless budget of Microsoft, video games today would be better off as a whole. I hope one day GSC reaches that status, and as a fan I will continue to support them in pursuit of this goal. Sorry, just a mini-fan rant there. Good luck in the Zone fellow Stalkers.

Xfanboy3236d ago (Edited 3236d ago )

And to think I got

Shadow of Chenobryl and Call of Pripyat bundled for $5.00 on steam yesterday... plus mods PC gaming makes me cry tears of joy..

can't wait to see the last day deals!!

il-mouzer3236d ago

I think last day sales are just going to be second chances

hassi943236d ago

I don't think they will, that would be a disappointing end.

CommonSense3236d ago

not second chances...and a disappointing end.

i thought the last day would be the biggest.

ct033236d ago

Maybe they are second chances with even lower prices. Although that would anger the people who already bought, so I guess not.

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The story is too old to be commented.