Black Ops As a PS3 Exclusive Could Be a Monster

Paul writes, "Call Of Duty has been around long enough now that some serious questions have come to mind and still have gone unanswered. All of the PlayStation owners in one way or another will have no choice but to agree with a lot of these logical and reasonable ideas that should be taken seriously. While the XBOX crowd will turn a blind eye to the truth and come to the defense of almost every flaw."

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dkblackhawk503239d ago

YEah if Teyarch got their buts together and actually worked on the PS3...

Chris3993239d ago (Edited 3239d ago )

for DLC exclusivity contract (was it for 10 years? I don't recall), that's probably not going to happen.

Active Reload3239d ago

The thing is though, MS holds the hands of 3rd party devs/pubs this gen. So, that has to count for something...

RedDragan3239d ago

This game was never going to be good, no matter if it was even PC exclusive.

blitz06233239d ago

Sony doesn't need BO. I can already tell KZ3 and R3 will be better

TheLastGuardian3239d ago (Edited 3239d ago )

It needs a better developer if it wants to be good enough to be a PS3 exclusive.

BulletToothtony3239d ago

if CoD BO would've been a ps3 exclusive it would've gotten 6 and 7s accros the board, no doubt about it.

EeJLP-3239d ago

I'd rather have the Battlefield: Bad Company franchise PlayStation exclusive.

Soldierone3239d ago

I agree Battlefield or anything exclusive out of EA would be better.

HOWEVER COD as a PS3 exclusive would totally kill it. Why? Simply said, the Xbox is what keeps it alive. MS blindly advertises the game as their own, so fanboys buy the game in support of MS and that raises sales. PS3 fanboys buy it to say they get it too, and also because they buy into MS advertising it as the greatest thing since Doom.

you put it as exclusive to PS3 then suddenly its quality standards are raised and if its a third party exclusive Sony wont push it as hard. It would get over shadowed by Resistance and Killzone, MS fanboys would destroy it for all the rampart flaws, and so on. It would die within a year.

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FinalSpartan3239d ago

wait a second most hated games amongst PS3 fanboys, because it overshadows their exclusives such as Killzone, Resistance. If its exclusive then suddenly will be great?

Blacks Ops not better then COD 4. Actually not that even great. PS3 got much better shooters. Killzone 3 is coming. If COD was exclusive would be big, but wouldn't help quality wise.

Spitfire_Riggz3239d ago

Who said it would suddenly be great? Probably be garbage like always

3239d ago
jwk943239d ago

I think it'd be better because they wouldn't half ass port it to the ps3 with so many problems, hell the game doesn't even have to be a ps3 exclusive either port it well, or make it on the ps3 first then port it to the 360 therefore none of the consoles have problems.

nskrishna23239d ago

Nobody said COD will be great if its a PS3 game...
Infact i don't even want it on my console...Activision can keep selling that crap to morons...CounterStrike and Killzone are hell lot better..

blahblah3239d ago

i can name few exclusives done really bad and name few multiplats done good. article author is a fanboy. being exclusive doesn't make game good, research, testing and nitpicking do. how do these stupid news even reach public space

even if they'd goldplate those exclusive CoD game boxes, i'd still hate it. but so i hate every fps, no matter if exclusive or not.

only fps kind of game i can't hate is mirrors edge.

yesah3239d ago

Guys Guys, everyone has diffrent tastes. Some like killzone some like cod but u cant expect everyone to like what you like and you cant think the thing u like is 'right' and everyone elses is 'wrong' we play games for fun, not to sit and talk about how our tastes are better.

I have a ps3 and i love black ops, i hate killzone cause its gay and stupid and my likes are whats right.

the writer of this article is a retard because biger maps and more people would change the style of the game, it would make it slower and less intense, and he is writing it like he knows wtf. but he doesnt at all

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gunnerforlife3239d ago

noooo thanks lol
id rather have Killzone and Resistance
than Black ops, i don't want half assed shooters that don't take advantage of my chosen console

FinalSpartan3239d ago

exactly. I thoughts what if Killzone had the attention of COD? Bear in mind Killzone 2 MP IMO was much better then COD! was really fun.

vickers5003239d ago

After playing the KZ3 MP beta, I can honestly say I'm not looking forward to it in the slightest now. I'll still get it day one, but just so it can tide me over until Resistance 3 comes out.

Resistance 3 is my most anticipated shooter, and I don't think Killzone can/will ever match the amount of fun I had with Resistance 1.

starcb263239d ago

Didn't KZ2 win best online shooter on gamespot?

punkpop1013239d ago

And why should we care about your choosen console?

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-Mezzo-3239d ago

Agreed, it could be a monster (Activision) should really think about it.

tacosRcool3239d ago

Well that won't happen since Activision doesn't like Sony

sobekflakmonkey3239d ago

although i agree with your comment, and im a huge sony fanboy, that article was fucking stupid, the map size of call of dutys maps is what makes it call of duty, its arcady and fast, Blops sucked a dick yeah, we all know that, but MW2 was almost godly let alone MW the first...all in all killzone/resistance/call of duty...completely different styles of shooter...that article was retarded...

DeFFeR3239d ago

"Blops sucked a dick yeah, we all know that, but MW2 was almost godly let alone MW the first"

MW2... godly?

What are you injecting into your veins - must be good shit dude, hook us up.

Undeadwolfy3239d ago (Edited 3239d ago )

LOL epic

Areeb113239d ago

This statement could potentially be true for any Multi-plat

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Hitman07693239d ago

That would be great but I don't see it happening any time soon, I was hoping for at least stability this time but I guess we won't get that either on XBOX or PS3? Maybe next gen will bring a better Call of Duty...

MGRogue20173239d ago (Edited 3239d ago )

Well duh...

Blu-Ray disc = More content.. longer single-player, more weapons, more levels & maps in multi-player, etc etc..

darx3239d ago

No it doesn't, I'd say that it all depens on the developer. Blu-ray has nothing to do with it.

punisher993239d ago

"No it doesn't, I'd say that it all depens on the developer. Blu-ray has nothing to do with it."

So having a lot more disc space has nothing to do with the option of having a longer game??

ct033239d ago

There are games that come on multiple discs (e.g. Mass Effect 2). If the game had been supposed to be longer, they would have made it longer. Plain and simple.

mastiffchild3239d ago

Seriously, a FPS? What FPS NEEDS two discs? None. AAAND if it were Acti the cost alone of pressing up and packaging two discs instead of one would be an immediate cost they would cut like they have made their devs miss out on QA,betas and dedicated servers even though their ad budget is TWICE dev budget and the games are the market leading shooters and more profitable than just about anything else in the known universe.

An Acti game they can squeeze onto one disc ever going on two? Seriously? Also,I can't believe we're imagining COD ever being exclusive to a Sony platform. There's hypothetical and there's deluded.

duplissi3239d ago


not quite, microsoft charges royalties for EVERY DISK of every game made for the xbox so a game with 2 disks ms gets twice as much out of the pie. so a lot of devs avoid going on to too many disks to have a larger profit margin in fact ID wants rage on as few disks as possible for this very reason.

sobekflakmonkey3239d ago

i get what your saying @darx because honestly i dont think they would make the games any longer or include any more maps or anything, theyre to lazy as a developer to give you a campaign any longer than 6 hours and they WANT people to pay $15 for map packs that really arent worth $15.

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why have you got disagrees is somebody that retarded ??!?

iamgoatman3239d ago

Maybe because he's wrong? A crazy notion I know...

Content rarely has anything to do with disc size. It's solely down to the developer and how much effort they put into something. Most PS3 exclusives barely make use of a blu-ray as it is, even games like like GT5 use under 20GB of space, so by his logic they should have used that extra space for even more content, right? But in the real world, development costs play a big factor in how much a developer can put into a game, as well as well as various deadlines they must aim to meet.

Also take Halo Reach for example, (before you jump down my throat I'm not a Halo fan) has a very substantial amount of content with it's various different modes etc, way more so than a lot of PS3 shooters, yet that uses a standard DVD9.

If the game was exclusive to the PS3 and thus could make use of the extra space on offer, doesn't mean a developer can or will use it. Storage mediums don't effect the quality of a game at all. It's about time people realise that blu-ray doesn't magically make a game better.


Jimmy Riddle

Yes but he said you can fit more content onto a blu ray than a dvd how in any way is that wrong?

poopface13239d ago

why did uncharted 2 only have 7 multiplayer maps? Blu Ray?

Why was heavenly sword a short single player only game? was it blu Ray? Nope.

Devs need more time to create that content to fill the disks. The content doesnt create itself simply because you have more disk space.

they didnt have the time to create a longer game for black ops. if it was a longer game they would still be making it right now. Activision isnt goign to give them more time to fill up a blu- ray.

phatak3239d ago

y do u just talk about the worst examples? talk about mgs4 ? blu ray? gt 5 blu ray?
god of war 3? blu ray?

TKCMuzzer3239d ago

Really, just look at the quality of Uncharted 2's single player compared to Black Ops. Graphics, sound , cinematic, length are all far superior. They stream the textures from blu ray in U2 and it shows.

maxcer3239d ago

i was about to make the same type of comment you did here.

these fanboys think just because you have room on a blyray disc means its going to be used.

@phatak - yea mgs4 with so much space used for video. and you list games that have taken 3-5 years in development time. millions of dollars that might not be made back in the long run. you can't run a business like that for very long before the higher ups start asking the big question. How long can we sustain these huge development costs only to be disappointed with the sales.?

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KotC3239d ago (Edited 3239d ago )

How has DVD9 shortened the length of games? Just name one true example, please.

Have any of you played?
Fallout 3
The Orange Box
Dead Space
Read Dead
Red Faction
Ninja Gaiden
Resident Evil
Dead Rising

Those games range from 10 to 100 hours, some with multiplayer.

DeFFeR3239d ago

Mass Effect
Dragon Age

just to add to the list.

Eamon3239d ago

lol, castlevania isn't a good example as it uses 2 Discs

but I get your point.

poopface13238d ago

I installed borderlands on my 360 back in the day, and it was only 3.2 GBs.

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Kain813239d ago

Look at this Pic and tell me what went wrong this Gen

SixZeroFour3239d ago

easy...1993 one looks to be for an adventure game (meant to be explored) 2010 one is for an fps game (meant to be from point a to point b, usually) lol

poopface13238d ago

the original doom games had complex and confusing maps.

Active Reload3239d ago

I dig what you're saying, but I've never seen a military shooter with complex levels like that first pic. But the second pic is dead on give away for those types of games. That first pic is left for the Sci-fi enthusiasts, lol. As a matter of fact, if you have Wii, pick up...all Metroid games, if you can. On the 360 you can go with Shadow Complex.

Eamon3239d ago (Edited 3239d ago )

Kain81. That is exactly how I feel.

Call of Duty has been reusing the cheap hollywood thrills since COD4. And COD4 had the least out of them ironically.

That is what attracted a lot of people to the franchise. People foolishly think they're experiencing what it's like to be a "soldier" but in reality it's just the "summer action film version."

No more skill involved in the single player. You just need to know how to shoot, cover and run.

booni33239d ago

It probably could have made use of the utility that the PS3 has that the xbox doesn't, but just about any multiplat exclusively for Ps3 would be a monster.