APOX Beta Impressions -

Botchweed: "Today, I spent a few hours playing the APOX open beta. APOX is a post-apocalyptic RTS, the creation of indie developer BlueGiant Interactive. At time of writing, beta keys can be picked up here and then activated on Steam at your pleasure. Check out the trailer below – there’s lots of fire and stuff."

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EddyD3241d ago

This game definitely has some good potential.

Killer63241d ago

I like it, if only for the fact that it's a post apocalyptic game minus zombies, for the first time in forever...

TabbyBW3241d ago

People like their zombies, everyone knows it.

fooltheman3240d ago

and developers like zombies.... advanced AI not neccesary lol

joshb13240d ago

This was definitely a draw for me - post apocalpytic settings are at their most fascinating when considering the behaviour of human survivors. To throw in green monsters just misses the point.

As for the game, I had a good time playing it, and will be keeping my eye on how it develops as time goes on.

redd0r3241d ago

I like the look of this game, looks kind of book of eli like, could be a lot of fun. Screw it, gonna go try it now.

Killer63240d ago

Book of Eli had a little more knives and a little less rockets, but yes, basically :)

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TheStee3239d ago

I had literally no idea this existed, but now I am intrigued...