How Did Call of Duty Get So Huge?

Techi: Between “Call of Duty: Black Ops” and “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II”, sales totaled over $1.2 billion… in the first 5 days after release. Gamers around the world flocked to stores for midnight releases of the games. Some paid extra, up to $170, to get the special editions of each game, which included working night-vision goggles for MW2 and a camera-mounted RC car for BO.

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Active Reload3238d ago

"How Did Call of Duty Get So Huge?"

Being fun? I haven't bought a COD game since the first Modern Warfare, but I'm almost certain that if nothing else, then fun would be the blame for this question.

CrzyFooL3238d ago (Edited 3238d ago )

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-Mezzo-3237d ago

LMAO, Its rea;;y hard to tell that it not his actual; Photo.

FinalSpartan3238d ago

COD 4 - was great title, this is what begun this obsession with COD and the milking yearly. Well game quality is degrading...PS3 users buy our exclusives don't become like Xbox 360 where its most played game is COD. PS3 has much better games.

RedDragan3238d ago (Edited 3238d ago )

How did you manage to turn this into a console fanboy war?!

iamgoatman3238d ago

But COD is the also the most played game on the PS3 as well, is it not?

madara0sama3238d ago

Believe it or not MW2 was actually a good game. I logged over 700 hours.(not counting anymore lol) Even better then black ops(Which I think sucks). The only reason MW2 was bad because of the amount of rage it brought to people. Too much GL spammers but this was also a problem in cod4. It had to many fault in the balance of weapons and for the PC gamers no dedicated servers which could of been it's saving grace with customizable options and mods. It could of been a better COD4 with patches but then sadly COD series became a milked franchise. Black Ops barely has any rememberable maps. It even has parts in the map where people don't even go. Of course all maps have this but in black ops it just has too much. Not to mention how horribly Black Ops was milked and how bad optimized for the PC and PS3. I rather have a unbalanced game(mw2) then a unplayable game(black ops).

ProjectVulcan3238d ago (Edited 3238d ago )

Owned every proper Call of Duty game- UNTIL black ops. I felt the sheen went off the series with World at War slightly and then descended into needless sensationalism and more of the same territory with Modern Warfare 2. I remember right back to walking into the store and buying Call of Duty for my PC waaaay back in 2003. The game wasnt the best looking, it wasnt the most innovative with gameplay mechanics or story. Indeed Medal of Honour had covered similar territory and battles years before on the consoles.

However it was just slick. It thrilled you and grabbed your attention, it shouted in your face and put you in the raw chaos of war with its visceral depiction of brutal fighting, ear splitting audio and spectacular soundtrack. I will forever remember the Battle of Stalingrad in Call of Duty, it was a landmark moment for me in gaming. Many parts of the game were torn straight out of war films, particularly Enemy at the Gates. It made you feel the horror and yet the adrenaline one would expect. The accolades poured in.

I also fondly remember the launch of Gray Matter's expansions (now known as Treyarch) and COD2- coinciding with the launch of Xbox 360 way back in November 2005. This was really the point where the game started to reach a wider audience, spreading from its birth platform to a console. Sure there were COD labeled games on PS2 and whatnot, but it hadn't arrived in full glory on the console world until a near perfect conversion of Call of Duty 2 hit Xbox 360 and became that platform's biggest selling game. The first 360 title to reach 1 million units sold in NA.

Without Call of Duty 2, 360 would have had a much more difficult early life. It certainly sold the system to many who wanted the full COD experience but lacked a capable PC (remember the stunning 360 kiosk demos?), and it also really forced early 360 adopters onto xbox live, being THE game to play on Microsoft's new machine over the internet until Gears of War arrived a year later.

ZombieNinjaPanda3238d ago


Believe it or not, MW2 was a shitty game. The game was plagued with glitch after glitch, shitty gameplay, horribly designed maps, and OP weapons and killstreaks. The game was not fun.

Shackdaddy8363238d ago (Edited 3238d ago )


I'm the same way. My best moment in CoD was in the first game during the Russian campaign when you landed at the docks and were only given a clip with no rifle.

I played every CoD game(even the less popular ones like big red one and finest hour). I liked WaW but that was mostly cus I like WWII games. Then MW2 and BO just ruined the whole series for me. Horrible games. MW2 wasn't as bad as BO though imo cus in BO, I didnt have any patience for another bad CoD game. I know I played MW2 at least two weeks more than I did for BO before I realized I was wasting my time.

Mainman3238d ago (Edited 3238d ago )

When COD4 released, it didnt really have much competition at the time. Especially for Online gaming.

I dont like FPS games myself, but I bought COD4 at the time because there werent any other good online games at the time. I played the game a bit, I got to the highest level without going presige, and then stopped to play it.

It didnt leave a strong enough impression on me to buy any of the COD sequels. But I believe COD4 is the biggest reason that COD franchise is as succesfull as it is right now.

But in my oppinion, it could have as well been MoH or Battlefield that would have had this succes instead of COD, if those franchises had released a game in the time frame of COD4 instead COD4.

I guess what I am trying to say is COD4 was lucky (or cleverly planned) that it released at the time frame that it was released.

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the_best_player3238d ago (Edited 3238d ago )

Because it's overrated.
The graphics and bugs are a joke is this day and age.
No real skill is needed to play COD games, unlike games like quake, unreal, hl2dm etc.

Dave13513238d ago

black ops is very over rated its like tryarch barely spent any time on it. whenever infinity ward makes a call of duty they spend hours upon hours polishing the game. tryarch blows big camel dick

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saint_john_paul_ii3238d ago

so thats what happens when you shoot Kotick in the head, money comes out the other side...

NegativeCreepWA3238d ago

Because every COD up to COD4 were amazing games. Every COD since then have still been great games, but in the end its just more of the same every year now.

RedDragan3238d ago

Couldn't agree more. It was amazing upto Modern Warfare.

After that... well. We all know the score.

the_best_player3238d ago (Edited 3238d ago )

I would replace that "amazing" with "just passable" or "nothing special but ok".

All cods after cod 4 are just MODs with no improvements to engine or big changes like you see in other games.

RedDragan3238d ago

COD 1 and COD 2 were amazing. COD 3 was ok. COD 4 came back to amazing.

COD 5, COD 6 and COD 7 are as you say... just Mods, and poor mods at that where graphics and glitches suffered.

Well actually, I suppose COD 5 was alright. (WAW)

FrankMcSpank3238d ago

COD4 was what did it. Took the fight out of WWII for once. Got everyone hooked. It did something different.

MidnytRain3238d ago

CoD is, to be frank, a "feel-good" game. The multiplayer is designed to grant instant gratification, so I think that's a major draw. It's one of the few games I've played that rewards the player that does well, then lets every gamer in the match know who that player is. Coupled with the fact that kill/death ratios are of so much emphasis, it is, essentially, a game that allows people to show off.

the_best_player3238d ago (Edited 3238d ago )

Killzone 3 day 1 buy.
COD sucks, hell even CSS is better than COD

sleepy33237d ago

But how is KZ3 diff from KZ2? KZ3 has added split screen (been there, done that), jetpacks (been there, done that since tribes), and slightly improved graphics (nowhere near the leap from KZ1 to KZ2. Meanwhile there is still no map editor, still no theater mode, and still lacking customizable options to make any crazy gametype that you want, say for instance, rocket race.

What did BO add over MW2? well theater mode (saw that already), split screen in MP (That's been done since halo 3), Wager matches (the only innovative thing really in the game) and that's it.

So when you look at it, NEITHER game does anything innovative to move the genre forward, NEITHER game gives us something we never saw before and BOTH games have us doing the same things in different environments. If you are gonna call BO for not doing much new and having things we've sen already, you have to take off the glasses and call KZ3 for the same. Thre is nothing in KZ3 that hasn't been done before in a console shooter.

As far as innovation goes, the most innovative console FPS is probably halo. First on consoles to do theater mode. First on consoles to do split screen online co-op. First on consoles to do split screen on-line MP. First on consoles to have a map editor than can even be edited by more than one person online simultaneously. First on consoles to have vehicles in MP that can be used by up to four players simultaneously.

As far as KZ goes, what is it first to do? What innovation does it bring that will be copied/integrated into all FPS's in the future? i don't see any.

Deleting3238d ago

I think people and especially people obssesed with COD got it through their heads that because Modern Warefare made the COD games great online that every COD from then on would be amazing or "the best game every" .....untill the next game got announced ¬¬

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