I’m Bored With Nintendo’s First-Party Games

Don Reisinger: Allow me to just state the obvious right now: Nintendo fans are going to read this headline and the following column and immediately take me to task for supposedly inciting some kind of war between them and those who can’t stand their favorite game company.

I can assure you that such a result isn’t my intention.

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jidery3246d ago

Nintendo = take a character from 10 years ago, throw them into a random game = sales

Shok3246d ago

How can you complain if it's still a great game? Also, if you read the article, you would see that the author said nothing along those lines. He really just companied about how to WiiRemote is used in Nintendo's first party games. Basically, he's tired of the WiiRemote.

P.S.- He failed to realize that you can use the WiiRemote/Nunchuck combo, not just the WiiRemote sideways.

FrankMcSpank3246d ago

The 1st party core games are great. I don't really care for Mario shovelware. Some sports games are fun, but do we really need a game where Mario is Curling?

PlayerX3246d ago

I like how this fool won't dare say that "I think Nintendo games suck" So he go's with being bored. I would love to see what would happen if the title said Sony. It would be 300+ comments and fanboy heaven.

Active Reload3246d ago

Just wait until Nintendo lets Mario have an adventure, totally in the first person perspective. You will all bow your heads!

Jaces3246d ago

Most of the Nintendos first party games are still fun but it would be nice to see them expand on something different instead of the same old Zelda, Mario, and Samus.

It is getting old fast though.

mastiffchild3246d ago

IDK-thing with Nintendo is their conservative attitudes (with regard to new IP)could either be saving them or holding them back. Ninty fans are VERY nostalgic AND characters like Mario,Link and Samus are visible even to a lot of non gamers.

Thing is their klast mainline new IP that /I can remember them throwing ANY weight behind was Pikmin ten years ago. I enjoy a lot of their reinvention games for their existing chracters but, being really honest, I DO think it would be liberating for everyone concerned to just try a new thing from scratch a little more often than they do.

Wouldn't wer all like to see what they could do in those genres they never touch for instance? See them make a more realistic looking game perhaps? IDK, as I said, there's a lot of great stuff they still do with their back catalogue but, seriously, just once it'd be nice to see them really go for a new idea.

They aren't scared to do it tech wise or in interface terms so why so scared of launching a brave new IP? It's an odd one to me and I can see both sides even IF I'd like to see a little something totally new.

ChickeyCantor3246d ago

"Just wait until Nintendo lets Mario have an adventure, totally in the first person perspective."

The creativity...My god. Im going to watch a britney spears music clip in hope i might forget this concept.

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Downtown boogey3246d ago

Nintendo isn't taking gaming forward... On the contrary actually.

MariaHelFutura3246d ago (Edited 3246d ago )

Nintendo makes Butterflies better than anyone else....besides Disney.

gunnerforlife3246d ago

so am i:/
they aint created a new charachter for who knows how long, always the same games, they're getting old

KingNintendoFanboy3246d ago

Nintendo has many new characters. Sebastian Tute (Wii Music), Woopy (Wii Party), Mii's, The Tiki's (Donkey Kong Country Returns), and over 150 new Pokémon coming soon! Next time, do a little research.

Nintendo has also been adding several new titles on WiiWare and DSiWare.

Midori3246d ago

They've created all kinds of characters and new IPs since Pikmin, problem is they don't market them particularly.

Chibi Robo, Battalion Wars, Disaster: Day of Crisis, Endless Ocean, Magical Starsign, Nintendogs, Hotel Dusk, Rhythm Heaven (in America), Trace Memory (who can forget Ashley Robbins?), Geist, Odama, Elite Beat Agents, and are just a few that were made post 2004. Not to mention Starfy hit the Americas recently.

Not to mention they've started doing more creative things with their old IPs. Wario Ware can get pretty freakin' hardcore, is Kirby's art style not unique? Metroid Other M's camera switching to 2D and FPS mode? Zelda becoming an epic adventure for four once?

You can argue that you don't LIKE the IPs or what they're based around, but it's pretty clear that they're pushing out a lot of stuff, both old and new.

Mahr3246d ago

"Nintendo = take a character from 10 years ago, throw them into a random game = sales"

I wish they would do this more frequently. Six years, I have been waiting for a new F-Zero. :-(

ChickeyCantor3246d ago


This new F-zero better be good.
Track editor ( like the the N64 version we never saw).
Track exchanger.
Official track DLC.
more than 10 racers online ( hey mario kart did 12 right!?)

I know im too much focused on the online aspect but it fits a racer like F-zero so well. Imagine this with GX! If only =(

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Jrlibrarian3246d ago

Hey, at least we're getting a new Kid Icarus game on 3DS.

Orionsangel3246d ago

Unfortunately it's on a tiny screen. We need it on a TV where it has an epic scope.

nicholaswrites3246d ago

I know people say there is no such thing as a bad opinion, but this is a great example of one

Shok3246d ago (Edited 3246d ago )

In other words:

"I'm bored of great quality games."

EDIT: Lol. Don't be scared. If you disagree, reply why =)

Dark_Overlord3246d ago


Nintendo haven't been 'Great' since the SNES days

Redempteur3246d ago

hum ? i recall playing mario galaxy 2 this year

epic yarn ?

donkey kong return ?

yeap all this year ..

nintendo is doing fine as a " GREAT " publisher to me

Dark_Overlord3246d ago

I've played SMG 1+2, an they're way over rated.

Kirby has never really appealed to me.

And Donkey Kong I can't comment on, however if you can only name 3 games from this year then I think my point is proven. I could easily name a year of SNES games that is far greater than their current line up.

Don't get me wrong I like Nintendo, they've just focused way too much on the casual market and forgot about us who have stuck with them over the years.

Snatcher3246d ago

SNES is the best console from Nintendo indeed, but I consider N64 and GameCube to be really good too.

AndrewRyan3245d ago

I wasn't a fan of gamecube but I loved my SNES and N64.

SNES best console of all time.

MariaHelFutura3246d ago (Edited 3246d ago )

Quality is in the eye of the beholder.

Personally w/ Nintendo, I`m bored of the same characters over and over again. The created alot of great characters thru out the 80s and early 90s and then stopped and started making reversions of the same characters.

Gr813246d ago

But I'm sure you can't wait for the next MGS game or FF huh? or twisted Metal? or GTA? or DMC? Or RE? Or I guess any game that is not made by Nintendo.

This is what is so funny, everyone wants to cry 'milking' and all that noise, yet, they don't apply that same standard to other game devs.

Seeems fishy to me.

acedoh3246d ago

If people still enjoy the games it shouldn't matter. Although it would be nice if Nintendo took some chances and worked on creating new franchises. Mario is timeless just like Mickey Mouse and I'm sure 25 years from now children will still be playing Mario games. I would just like to see Nintendo invent something new. You know they have the creative minds to do it. So maybe in the next few years with the launch of a new system they will launch a new franchise.

MariaHelFutura3246d ago

Arius Dion assuming for the numberless. I would love to see every game developer you just mentioned to make something new. Nintendo does "milk" Mario, if you can`t admit that, that`s your problem. Snake(MGS) doesn`t have his own Golf, Baseball, Basketball, Kart Racing and Party games. Nintendo "milks" Mario as much as they can and it works for them.

Gr813246d ago

Main line games does he have? Hell Mario was the referee in Mike Tyson's He's a gaming icon unlike any other save maybe DK and Pacman.

Its not a matter of admitting anything, if anything you have a problem admitting that Nintendo isnt the only dev that 'milks' characters.

And to be frank, I'm extremely bored with a lot of gaming period. And show me what company hasn't been guilty of doing the same thing as your last sentence points out?

I could go on and on, Square is on what FF? Capcom with RE? CoD? How many Uncharteds? And that Ip just came out this gen and there are already 3 of them, same for gears of war.

Just be fair. If you are going to hold one devs feet to the fire, hold all their feet to the fire. Don't just cherry pick..It looks desperate and disengenuous.

ChickeyCantor3246d ago (Edited 3246d ago )

"hen stopped and started making reversions of the same characters."

I mean the focus should be on gameplay yet its the characters were concerned about.
A game like Galaxy 2 is just pure gaming bliss.
You either hate Italians, or bisexual elf boys in green tunics. But that doesn't mean you can pretend a whole game is based on the character.

" Snake(MGS) doesn`t have his own Golf, Baseball, Basketball, Kart Racing and Party games."

And this affects a good platformer how?

Im not sure if people even understand why they dislike something. Honestly with that attitude you are missing out.

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SnakeMustDie3246d ago

It's you problem not mine.

swice3246d ago

Then don't make it your problem