Sony extends movie rentals on PS3, PSP to 30 days

XMNR: The new year is bringing some changes to the movie rental service on the Playstation Store for the PS3 and PSP. Previously users were granted 14 days to begin viewing their rentals. Now they are given a full 30 days.

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gunnerforlife3247d ago

hmmm they're doing a good job of enticing customers to go plus, i mite do it but im still not sure yet.

FrankMcSpank3247d ago

"Previously users were granted 14 days to begin viewing their rentals. Now they are given a full 30 days."

This is great news. This is a good counter to Apple TV which allows a 30day rental, and gives you 48 hours to finish it. Go Sony. Can you please get the Vid store in Germany now!?

RedDragan3247d ago

It's only a matter of time before it is in Germany. Too much money to miss out on, but legalities in Europe are always a complicated thing.

It is easier in places like America. Step on someone's toes and you get sued for a few million. Do the same in Europe and the EU themselves slam a multi-billion fine on you. So you cannot afford to take the hits.

It'll get to Germany, just give them time to sort everyting out. It might not be as much Sony being slow, but the bleeding German authorities!!

thereapersson3246d ago


The laws in EU are different than the laws in America. You have so many more regions / territories to worry about.

hakis863247d ago

LEt us rent/buy movies in Norway already!!

hakis863246d ago

RedDragon: Norway is not a part of the EU, however I am afraid we are under a lot of the same regulations.

Godmars2903247d ago

What does this have to do with PN+?

gunnerforlife3247d ago

ma bad i thought it was only available to psn plus members

Bounkass3247d ago

Well whooptydoo! I can rent a film on a 4" screen... Yay...

Scottyabanks3247d ago

You use the Ps3 on a four inch screen? Regardless, though this isn't exciting news, it is welcome news. Not sure about anyone else, but I like getting more for my money.

mrv3213247d ago

Yeah, because screen size is far more important to resolution, it's all perspective, a 4 inch screen in your hands isn't too bad, a 50 inch screen a mile away however is. I've had no problem watching films on my PSP.

RankFTW3247d ago

I got a LoveFilm subscription when the app came to PS3 and it's the greatest thing ever, got so much usage out of it.

RememberThe3573247d ago

I've got the Netflix running on my system and I love the streaming. I think if Sony offered something similar I'd use it. the Netflix streaming doesn't have the best movies and pretty much all the good ones I've already watched.

supremacy3247d ago

And the good news keeps on coming and is only the biginning of the year.

GrandTheftZamboni3247d ago

That would be a smart move on Sony's part. For any doubters in 3D: check out Imax Deep Sea in 3D. I watched it yesterday and my living room was filled with undersea creatures. I don't think there was even any crosstalk in that movie. It's flawlessly done.

Mr Tretton3247d ago

I still think the 48 hrs thing is bullshit. Back when video stores still existed I was paying the same price and could watch it all I want for 5 days.

Queasy3247d ago

Actually, it is 24 hours. Not 48.

But yeah, that needed to be changed more than the 15 days to 30 days.

Firebird3603247d ago (Edited 3247d ago )

Totally agree

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