G4TV: The Future of RPGs - Looking Forward at Diablo 3, SWOTOR, Mass Effect 3 and More

Whether you’re talking about traditional RPGs or RPG hybrids, the future has never been brighter for this time-intensive yet deeply rewarding genre.

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offdawall3245d ago

G4tv really seems to be going down hill ...

FrankMcSpank3245d ago

The only game show on G4 is Xplay, and that was a TechTV show. Everyone was canned. They won't play any shows from back in the day. You get about 12 hours of infommericals, followed by COPS and Cheaters marathons. I agree it is safe to say G4 is dead. I used to watch the old G4tv 24/7. But now I just check the Feedback, Soapbox, and couple vids online. I haven't watched G4 on tv in almost 2 years.

R_aVe_N3245d ago

I loved that station when it was TechTV I use to watch it everyday. Now I don't even think about going to that station pretty dang sad if you ask me.

Tinasumsum3245d ago

Missed a RPG you wanted mentioned? Nice one troll. How about the games? ME3 and Oblivion Sky Rim FTW!

dkgshiz3245d ago

Is Adam Sessler. He was there from the beginning. He is really the only person on G4 that is actually decent. Everyone else is just awful. I suppose Morgan Webb to. I believe she was there when G4 was tech tv.

poopface13245d ago

I hope Diablo 3 really comes out this year, I cant wait.

Stealth20k3245d ago

So that was a wrpg list.............

very incomplete without all the wii,ps3,ds,psp jrpgs.

CrzyFooL3245d ago

The Witcher 2 - PC RPG of the Year 2011. Suck it Diablo.

CrzyFooL3245d ago (Edited 3245d ago )

If you disagree with me - Geralt of Rivia will find you, kill you, then fuck your girlfriend and your mom.

Just sayin' - dude's a badass.

Letros3245d ago

"BioWare's Senior Community Manager Stephen Reid remarked that he could tell me SWTOR wasn't KOTOR 3 but rather KOTOR 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8, and he could hold up his hands a foot apart to show how long SWTOR's story is when printed out. "

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