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FrankMcSpank3246d ago

I love the vegetation. Gears 3 looks so good. No one does Unreal like Epic themselves.

anthraxCZ3245d ago

these screenshots are not new

disturbing_flame3245d ago

Not all of them. But some are new.

Gears 3 looks really cool.

captain-obvious3245d ago

why they dont show us gameplay ?
im sorry but knowing EPIC
this very much could be bullshots
it looks really good but i dont trust EPIC at all

Active Reload3245d ago

I don't know why you got so many disagrees anthrax, because none of these shots are new, nor are they screenshots-they're concept art.

Captain obvious....the game looks better during gameplay than these art renders. Epic's philosophy is "Show people enough to make them want more...". I thought everyone has seen all the Gears 3 vids, but if you haven't, here is the most recent one-which is SPECTACULAR!

Hope you have HD capabilites on your PC =)

Winter47th3245d ago (Edited 3245d ago )

Nobody does bullshots as well as Epic. Enjoy your wallpapers & the only beta you'll get for 2011.

Active Reload3245d ago

The only beta? How do you know? Oh, I get it, you meant to say...the only game? Your trolling is impressive...\s

Computersaysno3245d ago (Edited 3245d ago )

Looks good but i agree with everyone else talking about bullshots, epic (not just epic though no bias here) are notorious for using touched up shots or most specifically 'in engine' downscaled renders rather than pure gameplay captures. 'In engine' being the phrase that basically lets you excuse the practice of using a PC to render the game with a bunch of effects that only appear in cut scenes at enormous resolutions to eliminate artifacts and then downscaling them claiming this is what the game looks like normally playing it on console.

When it just doesnt.

Easy ways to spot practices like this are fairly obvious- the camera is moved to zoom on character models or 'posed' rather than something you would see when playing the game. Typical sort of render that would be distributed

Eric Barrier3245d ago

That first picture wasn't even made by Epic.

DaTruth3245d ago

It's telling that none of these shots has a dude standing in the middle of the screen!

Sarcasm3244d ago

Gears 3 looks awesome!

It would have been bigger, better, and more badass if it came to PC though.

Oh well, Cliff stuck to his word that nothing after Gears 1 is going to PC. :( It would have been nice to enjoy graphics like those bullshots only possible with a good PC.

starchild3244d ago

Look at captain-obvious and winter47th trolling their little hearts out. They know Gears of War 3 looks better than anything on the PS3 and so they have to make excuses. Their excuses are meaningless, though, because we have already seen the game running and it looks phenomenal.

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MarcusFenixITA3245d ago

It looks good for a 360 game. But it doesn't come close to a PS3-Exclusive.

Spitfire_Riggz3245d ago (Edited 3245d ago )

Damn cant we just appreciate Gears of War 3 without bringing Ps3 exclusives into it? I mean Gears is a great series, its incredibly fun and thats the important thing.

newhumanbreed3245d ago

I take it that you can probably only afford a PS3 if you have to come in here and comment about PS3 exclusives looking better than this game.

Blacktric3245d ago (Edited 3245d ago )

Off topic. Anyway, the game looks really good. Can't wait.

Killzoned3245d ago

Fox mulder stop being a fanboy. Gears of war 3 is looking to be up there alongside uncharted 2

This game seriously looks good! I see a female character!! FPS games needs more Female characters!!

IRetrouk3245d ago (Edited 3245d ago )

man i love playstation too, but this is gears, if it plays like no1 then im happy, looks good, cant wait.

i respect your opinion and everything but your not even comparing gears 3 to another game, you just spoutin radom fanboy bs, no logic behind your opinion.

BLACKBOIJONES3245d ago (Edited 3245d ago )

We all know the ps3 has better graphics than the 360.But this article has nothing to do with the ps3..Troll fan boys like u are taking away the fun of gaming.I really wish N4G brings back the open zone for gamers like u.Let us mature gamers enjoy a mature conversation.

EDIT:-...Pls can we take Fox_Mulder bubbles. He just used 3 bubbles trolling!!!!! :|

Tinasumsum3245d ago (Edited 3245d ago )

If you say so. You got what you wanted. You set the trolls up for open bashing and stealth trolling. BLACKBOIJONES comment is a example of what I'm talking about complete BS.

PRHB HYBRiiD3245d ago

looks better than infamous and resistance and soccom....just saying :l

VINNIEPAZ3245d ago

"It looks good for a 360 game. But it doesn't come close to a PS3-Exclusive."

And you see why we hate you and its known that PS3 trolls are the worst. Bu..bu..bu teh grafix bu...bu..bu...teh blurayz!

Cant wait to play this one

Active Reload3245d ago

It looks better than UC2. Its only competetion I see is far.

Arup023245d ago

Typical comment of a fanboy.... Every 360 game that is released the PS3 fans need to compare with a PS3 game. You can't enjoy the game without putting PS3 exclusives to compare?

actual_gamer3245d ago

and that's why i hate this website and think i might stop using it, can't go onto one single 360 article that doesn't mention the PS3, bunch of sad little boys

JustGamer3245d ago (Edited 3245d ago )

Sad and inappropiate statement from a sad and inappropiate fanboy.

It would be great if everyone could get along with both PS3 and X360.

Fox_Mulder: ''And I could afford a 360 but I would never buy one.''

Yeah, your compromisse and love with Sony prevents you from buying a 360 and enjoy more games. Well, I'm studying Medicine, so I hope, someday, I understand how does it work a fanboy's mind.

JBaby3433245d ago

What a sad bunch of little girls you are. 360 trolls are the worst and have been doing the same thing you are complaining about foxmulder doing and yet when it comes the other way around you cry and moan. Trust me the 360 brigade is much worse and has been spewing the same crap you just commented on "teh graphics, teh blu-ray, teh Cell" since 2007 before PS3 had any games to brag about. Yes he had no reason for bringing the PS3 or its exclusives into this thread but don't act as if 360 trolls didn't start that practice.

On topic: This game is shaping up nicely. I didn't think they would be able to one-up themselves since Gears 2 but the lighting and character movement look much better in the gameplay vid posted a few entries above and I like the pics too.

reckoner3245d ago


That's the thing I don't get. Yeah, 360 fanboys did that before, but does that give the PS3 fanboys any right to do the same?

To all the fanboys: Be the bigger man and stop all this nonsensical bickering. It makes you all look the same. Just a bunch of crybabies with consoles.

JBaby3433245d ago

@Reckoner: No not at all but it is going to happen when the shoe is on the other foot and people need to just ignore or disagree/debubble and move on. If you don't respond or give trolls attention they will go away. It only encourages them to keep responding on their comments. I've seen threads where no one responds to a troll's comment and he/she said nothing else.

It's ok to prefer one console over the other and recognize the benefits of each but people need to quit trolling just to troll.

starchild3244d ago


What are you talking about? Gears 3 easily looks as good as any PS3 exclusive. I'm sick of the lies and exaggerations coming from single-console fanboys like you. You are completely out of touch with reality.

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poopface13245d ago

I really love the co-op in the gears games its really perfect for it.

now my old roomate has his own 360 so we can play co-op online. Gears is really fun to play co-op, online or splitsscreen.

I hope that epic is also making a shadow complex 2. I LOVED SC. I think they might be making it for this year, at least I sure hope so.

muDD3245d ago

all u weirdos calling these screens bullshot only shows how insecure u fanbois r... if u were not fanbois u would not be blind and ignorant. and you would know that the ingame footage looks just as good or better... u fools..

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MintBerryCrunch3246d ago

here's to hoping sites do a Gears vs Gears comparison instead of Gears vs "insert PS3 exclusive" to gain hits

its been done before, so it wont be surprising when we see it

overall a nice improvement, and the addition of new characters always makes for a better liking it

DigitalRaptor3246d ago

There's gonna be an Uncharted 3 vs. Gears 3

And quite frankly there will be people out there convinced that Gears looks better, even though Uncharted is the indisputable graphics king. It's just something you come to expect.

kaveti66163245d ago

i guess you didn't see the naughty dog developer diary where the artists explicitly stated that they hand-drew flat textures and wrapped them around 3D objects to save resources.

Undisputed graphics king? Consoles games, ALL console games, are designed in such a way where the developers hope you'll just walk through the level without zooming in on the scenery.

How can Uncharted 3 be a graphics king? How? Explain it to me dude. How can any console game be called a graphics king? There are independently-made, low-budget SDK mods using 10-year old engines that graphically-speaking, shit all over Uncharted 2.

For fuck's sake, if you shoot a vase in Uncharted 2, not only will it not break but a bullet hole won't even appear on it. What is so fucking great about a statically rendered environment that looks like it's made of paper when you zoom in on it?

My PSN ID is Kaveti. Check it.

I just don't fucking understand it with you guys.

DigitalRaptor3245d ago

You don't understand because you misunderstand.

Of course I should've made it clearer but by graphics king, I was obviously referring to consoles and in particular, Gears vs. Uncharted.

N4g_null3245d ago

He does have a point what is uncharted doing that even epics engine can't do? To be graphics king you have to have better tech. To show more power you have to be able to do more on screen.

Now the art team did a good job yet I'm not seeing too much to state that ut and the ps3 are better.

Now if your just following what some one else said then isn't that a little sheepish?

Anyway I like the added lens flare yet it needs to simulate a real camera. I know it can be done in java script because I've done it.

If they are to go brown again make it seem really really hot by giving us uneven glares event some fake caustics would work.

I think the mutants are too Rez evil like. Nice use of spline animation though.

They have so many goodies in the new engine they arnt using.

Also if uncharted is so good tech wise why not have them out source there engine so other exclusives can look good also?

If the engine is so powerful why arnt more Sony ips using it?

DigitalRaptor3245d ago (Edited 3245d ago )

@ Scissor_runner

The textures are a lot more detailed and higher in resolution. The large scale levels and set pieces with LOTS of detail. The cutscenes are using the in-game engine and manage to look pre-rendered - they are THAT good!

If you look at videos of Gears 3, the environmental textures just don't look that detailed. It's not as consistent as Uncharted, where everything looks as detailed as the rest.

Epic have done a great job with the Unreal engine, but the Naughty Dog engine is much more impressive. In fact, it's not just the capabilities of the engine, it's the developers and what they are doing. Naughty Dog are some of the best in the biz. Just take a look at the burning Chateau gameplay, and tell me you think that is possible on the engine used for Gears 3. I very much doubt it. Look at the Uncharted animations vs. Gears animations. The depth of field.

Anything that Epic can create in the Gears engine, Naughty Dog can replicate, perhaps improve, and do even more with the PS3 technology. You can't say the same for the other way around.

Everything can look better due to the storage capacity of Blu-ray, so you've got uncompressed data such as video, audio and textures. So it looks incredible.

And Sony first party developers do actually share technology and ideas, but not engines directly. The ND engine is amazing, but other developers are using their own ideas and efforts in creating their own amazing engines to suit their development styles.

kaveti66163245d ago (Edited 3245d ago )

you're comparing a game made on weaker hardware to a game made on more powerful hardware.

don't get offended if I bring in the PC platform into the comparison.

If you can compare the PS3 to the 360 in terms of graphics, then you can't argue if someone brings the PC into the argument.

If the technical specs of both consoles have revealed that the PS3 is significantly more powerful than the 360, these comparisons are redundant and retarded.

Hudahudahuda3245d ago

Nope. He's comparing two of the top games from the top developers on hardware released around the same time. Its a lot more reasonable comparison in contrast to comparing 4 year old hardware to machines that can have components replaced on a yearly basis. Between PS3 and 360 at its best the former has the latter beat and everyone knows it. wether its due to Dev talent or hardware its still a positive for ps3.

DaTruth3245d ago

Kaveti, please give the crying moar a rest! Whatever Uncharted 2 did, it did better than anything else and I'm sure PC developers don't use high resolution textures on the bottom of a cup that is tipped facing somewhere else outside of gameplay parameters where you couldn't go around to the other side to see it!

Fanboys are not just trolls, they are also the people getting all butthurt over what the trolls say!

elpresador3244d ago

I mean really, some things looked better but the AA was pretty darn good in Gears but UC2 was jaggy EVERYWHERE. I mean when in motion look around the characters eyes, JAGGIES.

and DigitalRaptor, how can a game be a graphics king when EVERY EDGE NO MATTER WHERE ARE JAGGY AS HELL?

N4g_null3243d ago

Digital raptor please go to the ut3 sdk web site and look at the recommended textures sizes specs etc. I'm sure most things done in ut3 can be done in gears now. They even have light colors bleeding into each others shadows now.

Now serious rage will be doing many things uncharted can't do. So is crysis and hell even brink.

I can even get you most of the ut model texture specs and the gears ones.

Just give it up and say you just like their art better.

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mike90773246d ago

I dont really care if the graphics are improved that much. The only thing I care about is that Gears 3 be fun and that the multiplayer will have no excessive lag or host advantage.

liveActionLeveler3245d ago (Edited 3245d ago )

Exactly that's what I'm sayin, because the graphics are already better than most games, so they should just primarily focus on gameplay now. Also, I unlike some people actually like the gears story, so they should do stuff on that too, such as carmines death.

edit: Wow the characters are extremely detailed, I'd say more than Uncharted 2, and a lot more than the previous Gears. Everything just seems so sharp and perfect, but that's probably because they fixed the aliasing on the screenshots.

MarcusFenixITA3245d ago

If you want to see extremely detailed characters play as Kratos.

RememberThe3573245d ago

You do realize these are bullshots right? Epic always releases bullshots. The game isn't going to look this good when your playing it.

Now, before people try to say I'm trolling, I love Gears of War. The game looks it's going to be epic. But the reality is that Epic always does this so just keep your hopes realistic.

IRetrouk3245d ago (Edited 3245d ago )

look i love gears but it still dosnt touch uncharted 1 in graphics let alone 2 but they are diffrent games and i can apreciate that gears three is pushin the box and then some. fanboys gonna hate but me? i can see shit with my own eyes.

BLACKBOIJONES3245d ago (Edited 3245d ago )

I dont support fox_mulder and i knw gears graphics are amazing, but i think ur getting over hyped/excited when u say the characters r more detailed then uncharted 2.

baodeus3245d ago

hehehe, Gears 3, can't wait.

If you want extremely detailed and Realistic characters play resident evil 5. Kratos got nothing on it. You can compare Drake hair to Chris hair as well, and if only Kratos has hair for comparison.

Inside_out3245d ago (Edited 3245d ago )

Gears is in competition with itself at this point. As far as graphics are game or game engine is doing what Gears and Epic are doing...on ANY system. Lets take a look...

Now in just 3 minutes of demo time Gears 3 has more in game game play than most games combined. The fleshy, totally destructible game play...all in game graphics just is incomparable to those other games...but it doesn't end there...lets take a look at the multi-player...

Gears has been the gold standard since 2006. The game is hardcore with brutal melee, best detailed enemies in gaming, extreme weaponry and alot of blood and gore. I don't expect the media to proclaim it's virtues to the world...unlike that " other " game based on a romance novel and a popular action adventure hero named Indiana Jones.

The game comes with a genre leading single player campaign, 4 player co-op campaign, Horde mode with all new beast mode ( play as the enemies ) and dedicated server multi-player...not enough??? It also has all new enemies, on top of the already unmatched enemy types from the series, all new weapons, all new melee and take downs...LMFAO..what are the " other " guys running in 2011. The only game with anywhere near this level of expertise is another 360 exclusive...Halo Reach.

Don't compare Gears 3 or any Gears game to that other'll only embarrass your self. The 12 million selling franchise is about to drop a another 6 or so million games in 2011.

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poopface13245d ago

I love gears for the excellent co-op campaign.

Bloodlyte3245d ago

Wow the detail is amazing!!

Silly gameAr3245d ago

I expect nothing but greatness for Gears of War 3.

theonlylolking3243d ago

Like gears of war 2? I like gears 2 more than gears 1.