Biggest PlayStation News Stories of 2010 - PSLS

PSLS: Now that 2010 has come to a close, we’re hopping into our time-machine, pumping it full of 1.21 gigawatts worth of electricity and taking a quick look at the year’s biggest news stories revolving around the PlayStation brand and video games in general.

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Sev3239d ago

People went batshit over that ApocalyPS3 thing.

doctorstrange3239d ago

It was the headline front page article of the Metro here

jneul3239d ago

lol and to think the ps3 fixed itself lol:-D

wolfehound223239d ago

Some pretty big news this year.

doctorstrange3239d ago

Looking at 2011's lineup, it looks like this year will be even better

Flashwave_UK3239d ago

Apocalyps3 omgfg nerdgasim lol

JonnyBigBoss3239d ago

Great stinking year. I loved every minute of it.

Taggart4513239d ago

This was a crazy year for me. I won that GoW 3 ps3 from the tv show with geoff keighley, and a 360 in november from burger king. Fanboys aside, it was just a great year for gamers of all kind.

3239d ago
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