Why Xbox 360 Final Fantasy XIII flopped in Japan

Final Fantasy XIII for the Xbox 360 finally released in Japan recently to abysmal sales. Internationally the game is a critical success with over six million in sales.

Just alone on the PS3, Final Fantasy XIII sold over 4.5 million units, and shifted 1.5 million during its launch-week in Japan. However, with the recent release of FFXIII for the Xbox 360, sales were 22k for the entire launch week in Japan.

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Godmars2903242d ago (Edited 3242d ago )

(Reasons given in no real order)
1) The console itself isn't very popular in the country.
2) Its been about a year, and the game wasn't well received in the first place. This despite selling millions.

Heck, I'm surprised there's isn't an article trying to spin the 22k that did manage to sell as sign of success. Expect there will be one soon enough.

Chris3993242d ago (Edited 3242d ago )

They didn't sell 22K. That was the #20 chart sales. FFXIII Greatest Sh!ts clocked in at #39. Right up there with Poupee Girl: Magical Shopping Adventure for the DS (that's not the exact name, but it IS a real game - wtf). XIII came in around 5K, estimates on NeoGaf say.

P.S. Anyone here who has hopes for FF XIV turning into a playable game at some point can log into their SE account and do a new user feedback poll. At least the abysmal failure of that game has made SOME people at SE pay attention to their consumer base.

FrankMcSpank3242d ago

Japan already boo-ed the hell out of SE for making FFXIII multiplat. They do not like the Xbox. SE keeps taking MS's money, but I don't know why. Their games sell poorly everywhere else, and in JP they don't sell at all. Square needs to wake the heck up and get their stuff together. Just because MS spends millions keeping Americans glued to the 360, doesn't mean the rest of the world follows in that bleak shadow. JP is Sony/Ninty Land...

candystop3242d ago

Actually SE needs to keep doing what there doing until the people of Japan learn to accept change and get over there pride. The whole point is giving the world different options instead of thinking Sony is the only major player worth anything. Honestly these comments that portray Americans as gullible really gives me a laugh. How is it some of you honestly think the entire world is against Xbox and then turn around and say it's not about sales. It's a growing brand still new to the industry (compared to SOny and Nintendo) and will continue to grow it's name. When Xbox 1st released there where a ton of you saying the same thing and look what happened. The world is constantly changing so don't expect Sony to always be the more popular brand some day in the future.

Lawliet3242d ago

I totally don't understand what you are implementing here. Although I do agree with you that in future we never know that things might change, but we always look forward to a better change not the worst ones! Who knows in 2012 we might all turn ashes before anyone would witness the changes that you speak of. We might all be playing games with clouds(Some might love playing the larvas).

Thing is, the Japanese doesn't need those changes you speak of because to them it is in-fact a turn of a worser experience. They don't need the Xbox360 to play their games when they can purchase a PS3 not only possible to play FinalFantasy but other more Japanese games that the Xbox360 do not offer.

IS the Xbox360 a better console than the PS3 that the PS3 user desperately in need for a change? Considering how bright the PS3 future is. I certainly don't think so neither are all Ps3 users.

Obama3242d ago

candystop, why would the Japanese need to accept the 3 disc much inferior version of ff13 that was released a long time ago? If it has bonus content or superior graphics, then I understand, but it is inferior in every aspect in comparison to the ps3 version.

multipayer3242d ago

A huge part of FF13's production value went into all the cutscenes and they're highly compressed on 360. It is like why BUY a movie on DVD now, that you want to see on Bluray?

Narutone663241d ago (Edited 3241d ago )

Japanese people don't trust company that lies. Honesty, Trust are important in Japan. SE announced that FF13 will be exclusive to the PS3 in Japan. They flat out lied. In return, we all know what the outcome was.

rockleex3241d ago (Edited 3241d ago )

Reason #3:

It was the sh*ttiest Final Fantasy game ever.

If you need me to clarify, here's my explanation of why the game sucks so much.

DaTruth3241d ago

Everyone would accept the 360, if MS would just add something to the industry. If MS were making games and starting studios to make games, then that would be great!

But as of now, they are just paying so I can't play a game that would have been on my console had it not been for them paying, or

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Focker4203242d ago

Two reasons...

1) Its a 360 game in Japan (good luck w/ that)
2) Its a substandard version w/ compressed audio, multiple disks, and severely downgraded cutscenes

Arup023242d ago

I agree about multiple disks, but i ain't seen nothing downgraded.

Focker4203242d ago

There were numerous articles about it when the game released. The audio was compressed to be able to fit it onto the DVDs, and the resolution and frame rates were severely dropped in the cutscenes for the same reason. The biggest issue was trying to fit all of the information onto the DVDs, and they had to compress everything and cut some corners so it would all fit.

NeoBasch3242d ago

Another reason for the poor sales is probably for the fact that most gamers with a 360 in Japan probably have a PS3 as well. If they were going to buy it, they had probably already done so for the PS3. What possible reason would they have to buy it on the 360?

BlueEye3242d ago

Bubbles to you as you spared me in saying the exact same thing.

visualb3241d ago (Edited 3241d ago )

the answer is in the title, just pick the right words, rearrange them and you will have your answer.

Killzoned3241d ago


If SE keeps doing what they are doing right now then their profits will plunge even more. Infinity undiscovery (Average Game) Sold a couple of hundred thousands copies, Same with Last Remnant, If both these games were released at the same time they wouldn't of had that issue in the first place. Its SE fault for making dumb business decision which caused their business to fail.
Star Ocean 4 which was timed exclusive was a fail alone on SE side.

So many japanese studios such as namco bandai cockriding MS by providing exclusives/timed exclusive is failing their business, Look at tales of vesperia, that game sold over 500K copy on Xbox 360, and PS3 version sold over 300K copy ALONE in japan, if it was released worldwide at the same time, they would have made much more revenue.
SE fails the worst, Considering they supported MS the most and those games didn't even hit a million mark.

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Pedantic913242d ago (Edited 3242d ago )

Should make more PSP/PSP2/PS3 exclusives.

My 2 cents.

redDevil873242d ago

Your 2 cents and 90% of the Square Enix fanbase

Pedantic913242d ago

Is that in insult or a compliment ?

Im sorry, i should know better to comment when my English isn't that good.

Focker4203242d ago

Its a compliment, it means 90% of the SE fanbase agrees with you.

redDevil873242d ago

Its a compliment lol

I'm saying that your opinion about Square Enix making "more PSP/PSP2/PS3 exclusives" is something that 90% of the square Enix fanbase would agree with.

user8586213242d ago

console exclusiveness was not the reason ff10-2, 12, 13 and 14 were cr*p

Seijoru3242d ago

12 was good and I actually enjoyed 10-2

MRMagoo1233242d ago

i enjoyed 10 part 2 aswell as 12 i dont think they where crap in the slightest but 13 was just wrong it was as close to finalfantasy as resident evil, the reason it was crap was because they tried to please the retard fps market where everything has to be done in highspeed taking out all the exploration that takes time and fill it all up with linear rubbish. If you ask FF fans what there favourite parts of FF games are most of them i suspect would say when they finally get there first airship and can go an explore the world at there own pace and take there time finding everything then FF13 ruined that by having nothing to do in it.

On topic FF13 flopped in japan on the 360 because the 360 flopped in japan the games wont sell if the console didnt sell.

3242d ago
Stealth20k3242d ago

maybe because there are no 360's in japan how about that?

siyrobbo3242d ago

the LTD is around 1.4 million

Pedobear Rocks3242d ago

How many are actually running though?

siyrobbo3241d ago (Edited 3241d ago )

same as your iq then


Its plain and simple..Japan is the land of the PS3!!! Case solved.

Godmars2903242d ago

No its the land of PSP and DS. The PS3 comes in right behind The Wii and retiring PS2 while the 360 is battling it out with the PSPgo in the tech graveyard.

dragon823241d ago

The PSP-1000, PSP-2000, PSP-3000 and PSPgo are counted as "PSP Sales". Just like the DS, DS Lite, DSi and DSi XL are all counted as "DS Sales".

Too_many_games3242d ago

Cause the game is ass... i miss GOOD JRPGS..Lost Odyssey is MY Final Fantasy this generation

cemelc3242d ago (Edited 3242d ago )

VAlkyria chronicles???????? Comon man thats the holy ground for us jrpg gamers.

Theres also demon soul but thats not a proper jrpg, but its an awesome rpg just the same.

Too_many_games3241d ago

Never got into it, i do not really acre for RTS, 3rd person shooters (Mass Effect is the exception)

i mean...Eternal Sonata was good, Infinite Undiscovery was not as bad as everyone made it out to be. Fallout 3 and New Vegas were nice..but not enough fantasy in it...just

i Think that is the reason i play World of Warcraft so much lately...a lack of an alternative on the consoles.

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