PS3 Exclusives That Probably Won't Release in 2011

Here's the list of PS3 exclusives everyone wants to see in 2011, but probably won't.

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jizzyjones3238d ago

I think Twisted Metal and Last Guardian will, doubt the rest will. Not that it will make much difference as the PS3 lineup next year is incredible.

Abash3238d ago

I agree with all of those in the article, except Twisted Metal. I think that will be coming out this year.

ABizzel13238d ago

I think Twisted Metal and White Knight will make it. Looks like the PS3 is going back to it's roots in 2012. A lot of Japanese games.

GWAVE3238d ago

Half of the PS3's exclusives could be delayed and it would still have the best lineup of 2011.

velocitygamer3238d ago

It's been 2 years since we heard of agent. They better fucking at LEAST show us a trailer of the god damn thing.

Washington-Capitals3238d ago

I really think agent is a joke. Come on guys we havent heard anything from rockstar about that game in ages.

Focker4203238d ago

Ages?? Really?? It was just announced at last years E3, and at that stage it was just starting development. Agent has only been in development for 1.5 years. Thats not 'ages'. It won't be ready until at least 2012 because I highly doubt they'd only have a 2 year development cycle for this game.

STREET x KING3238d ago

i think twisted metal is the most likely to get delayed. after they announced and demoed the game, a lot of people were whining about the graphics. so thats my guess.

I_find_it_funny3238d ago

Agent won't come out because there's no such game :)

lexington3237d ago

Imagine that. An "Exclusive" for ps3hdwii that might get delayed LOL.

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showtimefolks3238d ago

last guardian in Q1 2012

i want twisted metal to be delayed take your time jaffe because there are just too many ps3 exclusive next year we don't mind Q1 2012

also no news on socom 4 release date

ratchet all 4 one i think will make it but if they want better sales it needs to be either summer of 2011 or Q1 2012

other than that i fully expect everything else to be on time

uall have to understand that most of those games will come out because they have been in devolpment for atleast 2 plus year by the time they are suppose to come out

TheLastGuardian3238d ago (Edited 3238d ago )

The Last Guardian might get pushed to 2012. Theres no doubt about it that Twisted Metal will come out in 2011. Jaffe promised it would come out before December 2011. Twisted Metal is almost in the Alpha stage. 2011 wouldn't be nearly as good for me if it didn't have Twisted Metal because that's my most anticipated game. I HAVE to be in the beta.

Jaces3238d ago

I wouldn't mind if some of those didn't appear until next year, seeing how this year is jam packed with a ton of exclusives already.

Vherostar3238d ago

Madness though that most this list ain't even on the big list of exclusives for 2011 you see on most sites. Imagine if most them came out this year too?? My wallet is already scared half to death of 2011 it cannot take much more! I need to sue Sony for costing me too much money! Somebody has to pay for these games dammit I cant afford them all!

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Urmomlol3238d ago

What a stupid, pointless article.

MaxOpower3238d ago

True! and...

"...but two full Insomniac games in one year seem bad for business."

This is junk! Why would that be bad for business. It's two very different crowds and two very different games. I (As the biggest Insomniac fan in the world) want them both. But I doubt thats the general feel.

DigitalRaptor3238d ago


White Knight Chronicles 2? Definitely coming in 2011.

Versus XIII? There has never been any certainty of it coming 2011 anyway.

The Last Guardian might be delayed to Q1 2012.

Twisted Metal will be coming 2011. Jaffe and his team have deadlines.

AGENT has never been slated for any earlier than 2012.

Starhawk... unannounced.

Syphon Filter... unannounced.

Ratchet & Clank might be delayed but not likely.

There has been no confirmation that Malicious is coming to the west.

Tales of Xilia won't get a western release in the same year as its Japanese release in 2011. Many Japanese games aren't localised for at least a year, so is this any surprise?

the_best_player3238d ago

Syphon Filter is unannounced but in development for PS3

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Capt-FuzzyPants3238d ago

Just really want Versus but I did play WKC and i want that too. I really really want them this year cause im getting tired of all these shooting games. I like them but they all get old and boring to me.

zackacloud3238d ago

WKC really deserve a good budget even quarter that was for FFXIII

am boring from FFXIII everytime i put the disc into my PS3
that never happen to me exepct Re:chain of memories

because i already played chain of memories and didn't found that improved make me playing ps2 again and i was miss PS button on ps2 controller loooooooool

zackacloud3238d ago

I hope not all 2011 list release on 2011 because i want to play games without skip others