Crysis 2 In Stereo 3D On A Samsung 55 inch 3D LED TV

New gameplay footage emerged: Video shows Crysis 2 in Stereo 3D on Samsung UN55C8000 (55 inch 3D LED TV).

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Shaman3246d ago

Oh my...thats on 360? 0_0'

Delt43245d ago

Thank you.....Gladly adds a bubble

ABizzel13245d ago

Graphically I think it looks good, but it's hard to tell thanks to 3D image.

I don't get what all the hate is for. Get whatever version of the game suits you. If you're a PC gamer get it on PC, if you're a 360 gamer get in on 360, if your a PS3 gamer you can skip over it for Killzone 3 and Resistance 3. No need to argue or bash Crysis graphics.

Now as far as the gameplay goes again I'm not impressed. They need to put action heavy scenes out for showings and trailers, because these scenes don't get me hype for the game. From everything I've seen of Crysis 2 makes it look like an 8 - 8.9/ 10 game, which is great but it'll only be because of it's graphics. Everything about this game screams slightly above average with very good graphics.

inveni03245d ago

What's shown is definitely 360 video, because you can tell by the right/left offset that it's not "true" 3D, but some sort of substitute that Crytek has come up with. In fact, I'm pretty sure that I remember them mentioning a way that they do 3D without rendering two separate views. I hope that the PC version allows for true 3D, though.

DigitalAnalog3245d ago

I disagreed, simply because I'm fully aware you are a PC supporter. Surely, you cannot be impressed with this mediocrity especially once the benchmark is released for the PC making this look like the PSP port.

-End of Line

DaTruth3245d ago (Edited 3245d ago )

They show a 360 on the floor, but they also show a PC right beside it and the 360 doesn't even appear to be turned on.

Developers seem to love to pass off their PC versions as their console versions, leading to disappointment in the product and 360 owners staying away from forums where they proclaimed the game would destroy PS3 exclusives graphically!

Edit: Well, here comes another 4 day ban for stopping short of worshiping 360 owners for their incredible foresight in predicting the best console and the death of Sony in the gaming business!

Tinasumsum3245d ago (Edited 3245d ago )

They said the 360 was running it. Thats a dev kit. denial much? I'm not even sure why you even mentioned the PC whatever the game was doing one the PC it was not demoing the game being shown.

Inside_out3245d ago

WoW...this game is looking better and better.

It looks like EA and crytek have put some extra time in on the game as a result of the delay...a couple of things...

It's running on 360 ( clearly seen on the video ) in 3d. Not sure what rez, but he claims 720p. That would be a neat trick seeing that the 360 doesn't have HDMI 1.3 or 4. Must be less than 720...maybe CoD 640 or SC C 540p...doesn't matter...still looked great.

Why do they always show this game running on 360 and not PC or PS3??? Might have something to do with the exclusive 360 Kingdoms game or maybe it just looks better on 360??? Rage as well as alot of multi-plats are always shown on 360...Hmmmm.

FanboyPunisher3245d ago

360 is show most of the time because its 9/10 times lead platform with devs. Meaning most stable, polished and presentable version of the game.

AndrewRyan3244d ago

If you think this is good check out PC.

Dylantalon13246d ago

seriously unimpressed by crysis 2. this game is known for having amazing graphics so for it to look like this on home console systems is a let-down. should have stayed on pc exclusively imo

Deathstroke3245d ago

No, Crysis 1 was known for having amazing graphics...And that's pretty much ALL it was known for. Crysis 2 is known for being a consolized version of the series that pales in comparison to Killzone 2 & 3.

toaster3245d ago

"And that's pretty much ALL it was known for"

Clearly haven't played the game, just spouting the usual console gamer garbage that you all agree on.

peowpeow3245d ago

Exactly, console 'fanboy' garbage! Not necessarily console gamers in general :)

But seriously, if you play the game yourself you'll understand it's not just 'teh lookz'! I FIRST completed the game @ 800x600 resolution with med graphics (looked like sh*t) and enjoyed the hell out of it (had a 9500gt, very ooold graphics card).

imvix3245d ago


So arent Killzone 2 & 3 just known for amazing graphics? except they look last gen in comparison to a 3 year old game like Crysis.

Clearly you have never played Crysis its a lot more then the standard console corridor shooter(which is the category KZ falls into as well).

trounbyfire3245d ago (Edited 3245d ago )


LOL did you see the reload animation yeah KZ2 has better ones than this game

aldo KZ in know for graphics, online, the different feel weight wise. and being in a war

crysis 1 just graphics which have been surpassed but denial is ignorance. face it crysis 2 can't compete with KZ3 a console game and you hate it. KZ3 better graphics, animation, art style, online, do i have to go on

disagrees i see PC fanboys must be up late check their fans to make sure their rig don't overheat LOL you guys are so much fun

Eiffel3245d ago (Edited 3245d ago )

@ trounbyfire

I disagreed because your statements are moronic. Just reading it and seeing the two words "ignorance" and "denial" keeps bringing up the word "irony" to mind.

zhuk is god3245d ago

you lately has been living alternative worlds where kill zone 2 and 3 are good¿?

crysis have more polys than k1,k2,k3 and they not use low res textures for hiding the mediocrity

3245d ago
STONEY43245d ago (Edited 3245d ago )

Lol, Killzone 2 is basically a corridor shooter. In Crysis, you have HUGE, almost sanbox-like at times, levels, and there are hundreds of ways to approach any situation. There's so much freedom, and that's what makes the gameplay.

"crysis was a mediocre games (talking about metacritics scores ?) and nobody was really enjoying the "great graphics" (not so) at the time the game was a new game (only pc of the future)."

91 is now considered mediocre? Really? And at that time, the graphics weren't really contributing to the score because most reviewers had rigs that barely ran at medium at the time.

Letros3245d ago

I agree STONEY4, I found KZ2 incredibly boring, and the graphics were unimpressive, console gamers will lap up anything these days.

LunaticBrandon3245d ago

Anyone that thinks Crysis was just graphics never touched the game. I'd stay away from the game if I were you though, the gameplay is probably too much for you to handle.

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Grenadan3245d ago

the game was shown in 3D

Newtype3245d ago (Edited 3245d ago )

The PC version is the only version that will look good.

It should have stayed on PC, but Crysis isn't that good. Wait for Rage to come out, better game.

Edit: Also, why the hell is it on an LED TV? LED's don't do good 3D compared to Plasmas.

Tinasumsum3245d ago (Edited 3245d ago )

You must be talking about the PS3 version. The game running on the 360 and PC is unmatched. The only game that will compete with this will be Rage and Brink. You must be talking about those leaked PS3 screenshots.


No he knows this video is 3D PS3 fans started saying the game looks meh after seeing these Plus they don't want to admit there will be three or four games that will look better than PS3 exclusives most are multi platform. Looking forward to see how Forza 4 and Kingdoms turn out.

3245d ago
Silly gameAr3245d ago (Edited 3245d ago )

Have they even shown a video of the PS3 version of Crysis 2 Yet? No? stfu.

RevXM3245d ago

@ Tinasumsum
That Ps3 screenshot is a fake it is from a Crysis 1 mod.

The nanosuit and vegetation detail is excactly the same as in the previous crysis.
Try harder.

Also those multi platforms you are talking about. Better than ps3 exclusives?
Like anyone sane would believe that.

Rage and Crysis will look great, but not like Killzone 3, Uncharted 3 and some 2010 exclusives, Not on consoles.
Pc yes.

dragonelite3245d ago

Dude everything in cryengine 3 is better then in 2.
Shaders are better optimized and result are more precise.
Heck you should compare this to perhaps borderlands a game with big levels and sectioned openworld. If you compare it to lets say a linear shooter your doing it wrong. But i will first wait for the game to be released before making claims so far the game sounds more like borderlands kind of level then lets say a killzone or a call of duty. But i could be wrong about it.

Want to first play it before placing it inside a fps subgenre. Then i can compare it to the best of the subgenre.

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Fel083245d ago

Looks cool, nothing that would blow my mind. Still can't wait to play this game on my 3D TV.

neogeo3245d ago

you hear him talking about how gimped it is on 360 in the video. I hope I can crank this game way up on PC.

BLACKBOIJONES3245d ago (Edited 3245d ago )

I dont knw why every one is hyped up by 3D gaming.Im sure it looks amazing but IMO its nothing that will freak me out. I played some 3D games and all i could say after playing for a while my eyes was hurting a little. To b honest im happy with regular HD gaming.

Apart from that d video sucks...D camera was just moving around and he played most of it with out d glasses :/

Tachyon_Nova3245d ago

Its like how console gamers got hyped about playing at HD in 2006. Late to the party, but think they were first to arrive

ULTIMATE_REVENGE3245d ago (Edited 3245d ago )

HD? that's completely different to 3D, you people who have no legitimate arguments need to STFU, TV's have been upping their resolutions since TV's began, we just happen to call the latest upgrades HD because that's what they are.

The move to 3D was a quick one for all these company's to stay away from bankruptcy due to the recession. 3D messes your eyes up and a lot of people have turned away from it due to that reason.

STONEY43245d ago (Edited 3245d ago )

Except they weren't the latest upgrades... HD LCDs have been around 2000 or so. HD-level resolutions have been possible on CRT monitors for ages (although I'd still take an LCD any day).