EA Store Discounts PCDD Titles 44% for 2 Days Only

"Ring in 2011 with 44% off the best EA games of 2010!

The EA Store has 44% Off ALL PCDD Titles for 2 Days Only (Saturday-Sunday).

PCDD Only, excludes pre-orders & MAP titles.

Highlights include:

•Battlefield Bad Company 2 - $11.17
•Create - $16.77
•Dragon Age Origins Ultimate Edition - $27.97
•Mass Effect - $8.37
•Sim City Societies Destinations - $8.37
•Dead Space - $11.17
•Mercenaries 2: World in Flames - $5.57
•Need for Speed Undercover - $5.57
•Crysis Warhead - $8.37

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Ducky3236d ago (Edited 3236d ago )

... Why does steam have cheaper EA games on sale than the EA store itself?
Well, I guess MassEffect is cheaper at least.

Both Steam and D2D have MoH for 50% off... bleh.

Xfanboy3236d ago

14 buck for bfbc2 on steam..

Ducky3236d ago

It was for $7 for two days. =/

Allowen3236d ago

EA must drop the price of their game's DLCs too !

Xfanboy3236d ago

cool! Mafia 2 for 12 bucks on steam! Mafia 2 plus dlc for 14 bucks!!

TheIneffableBob3235d ago

I got BFBC2: Vietnam from the EA Store for $5. They had a $10 off coupon that expired pretty fast.