Final Fantasy XIV In 2011: Fun, Live, Reboot, and Rebuild

With Final Fantasy XIV suffering from negative press from both gamers and the gaming media, 2010 didn’t end quite as Square Enix may have hoped it would.

Final Fantasy XIV is currently undergoing major changes with a new development team at the helm. New producer/director, Naoki Yoshida , left a New Year’s message for fans of the mmorpg on the information site Loadstone which outlines what the future holds for Final Fantasy XIV.

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Capt-FuzzyPants3242d ago

They should do more fan polls like this and really take our answers to heart more often.

Ps_alm3k3242d ago

they are so close minded!!! But i like how the new director is taking over.
Communication is key...

I will check to see what is new when the Ps3 version releases.

Graphics3241d ago

I have given up hope for any game coming from japanese devolopers. GT5s dissapointment was the final one. These people lost there touch on how to make games. Hey SE how about you redund me back my $80 for buying your trash collectors edition game called FFXIV!!!!