PC Gamer: 15 Things We Want to See in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

PC Gamer loved Oblivion, but not because it was perfect. That and the previous Elder Scrolls game Morrowind were great because they tried more than they could do flawlessly – that’s what made them so liberating compared to a lot of other RPGs. Now that they know Skyrim is coming, though, it’s time to take a harder look at what the Elder Scrolls games could be doing better.

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Matthew943238d ago

Bethesda, hire this person ASAP!

great article, i agree with very point

GWAVE3238d ago

I simply want to play an Elder Scrolls game that doesn't have broken physics, broken quests, and broken character animations.

Darkfocus3238d ago

everything you said is true about the ES series so I don't know why you got all those disagrees...the only non horribly buggy one was the elder scroll's:arena(the first ES game)

of course the community always ends up fixing bethseda's games for them but it shouldn't be that way....

Ocelot5253238d ago

4. A bigger voice cast

so true

peowpeow3238d ago

This is a great article, does point out everything I would've thought and more

Zimmerman3238d ago

I just want to see more actual information about this game.

Since the trailer I've been keeping an eye out for news, and there is NONE. It's frustrating on some level tbh.

Hozi893238d ago (Edited 3238d ago )

I agree with this article, but I think if they improved the gameplay more than anything else, I'd be happy. I want better physics, better combat, better lvling up system,and all that good stuff.

Besides, Skyrim is much smaller than Tamriel..So Bethesda better give us awesome gameplay and a great storyline.

Hozi893238d ago

Lol...Yeah, That's what I meant. Can't believe I said Tamriel.

TheDarkness3238d ago

Great article. i just want vampire to be in the game like oblivion but better

neogeo3238d ago

I love what he said. I would add don't gimp the memory just to fit it on 1 DVD.

Thats the reason why you hear the same voices and see the same thing over and over 100 billion times in a opnen world game. Go nuts and make the game 50 gigs! I don't want to enter the same room or see the same bush more then once in the whole game.

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The story is too old to be commented.