ONM: Metal Gear Solid 3DS - 7 Reasons Why It's Awesome

Hideo Kojima, creator of Metal Gear Solid, is a man who's obsessed by visual trickery. The framing of a cut scene is just as important to him as the control scheme for Snake or the blast radius of a frag grenade. So it comes as no surprise that the opportunity to 3D-ify his stealth icon is one that he's grasped with two hands.

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FrankMcSpank3246d ago (Edited 3246d ago )

One reason. It's Metal Gear Solid. I have every bit of confidence that is will be a great game.

Active Reload3246d ago

1 reason it sucks:

Because its not in my clutches...Cobra Command The Dead xD

Etseix3245d ago

if it turns out to be Snake Eater u will have to change that name to

-Naked Snake-

Arup023246d ago

Why the disagrees? He's saying the truth!

FinalSpartan3246d ago

I played every single MGS games even the crappy spin off card games on PSP. MGS acid, i cant pass this one..don't say will have to buy 3DS :P

Pedantic913246d ago

1. PS2.

2. PS2.

3. That remains to be seen.

4. PS2.

5. PS2.

6. Brutal ? It's the same old CQC, Atleast in PW you could take on several enemies. Unless you're refering to that you could not perform the same moves in MGS1-2.

7. PS3.

My 2 cents.

Batzi3246d ago

7 reasons? Simple.

1) Hideo Kojima
2) Kojima Productions
3) Japan
4) Japanese Developers
5) Japanese platform
6) Nintendo
7) It's Metal Gear...duh!

k-dillinger3246d ago

well no thanks i rather play it on my ps2 where it belongs..

Ratchet5103246d ago

hey dont worry because psp will get a new metal gear game, peace walker 2 with ps3 power.

KillingAllFanboys3246d ago

Hope you like a handheld costing $500 buddy because a handheld with ps3 power is just too expensive and it is impossible for now.

Etseix3245d ago

i dont mind the console, i only want it to have great graphics, great story, great gameplay, and be able to see it on a big screen, = not handhelds-

Bull5hifT3246d ago

READ THIS AS If YOU LIFE DEPENDED ON IT.............I love it how random other systems get a metal gear game ... Like nes=some top down think its called metal gear... Then mgs1= ps1,twin snakes gamecube then mgs2 xbox, ps2, then mgs3= PS2, 3DS, .... then MGS4= ps3, random way of choosing sytems and which installations... MGS5 will be released for the Sega Game Gear' Cause it Makes Perfect Sense

GoldPS33246d ago

Stop smoking weed should be your #1 new years resolution lol.

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The story is too old to be commented.