Destructoid: The Most Wanted Wii games of 2011

While at the moment the announced list of games for the Wii is not as long as its competitors, it should be remembered that at the start of 2010 the games on the Wii's horizon weren't so plentiful either. If things go the same way as they did this past year then 2011 could be pretty awesome.

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eagle213237d ago

Awesome article Destructoid...great nice to see real gamers excited for even the lesser known releases. Zelda: Skyward Sword, The Last Story, and Rhythm Heaven top my Wii list with many more you've listed. Nintendo Wii is still white hot (now black and red hot also) selling like it just came out. Nintendo hadn't even announced Donkey Kong Country Returns (which I'm loving and totally addicted to ATM) until E3 last year so get ready for many more. Between 3DS, Wii, and PS3......I'll be :)

Shok3237d ago

Yup.....I don't know what I would do without the Wii this gen. We would be stuck with gray shooters and brown post-apocalyptic games if it was just down to the PS3 and 360 lol. Of course that's an exaggeration - the PS3 has some pretty unique games too - just not as much as the Wii IMO. The Wii has kept things fresh and varied and it continues to in 2011.

Gr813237d ago

TBH I wouldn't have even bought a console this gen if Wii weren't released. The 2d revival, modern classics like Wii Sports, the variety is staggering at this point in its life, Wii has amassed some library.

And DKC is a freakin beast. My personal GOTY edging out GE by a margin.

People scream 2011 for a Wii successor, but why? There's still a lot left in this system. Last Story and SS are on the agenda, and then who knows what new games E3 might bring.

Plus with the economic climate I'm in no hurry to dump dough on another system just yet...but that's just me.

eagle213237d ago (Edited 3237d ago )

Thanks guys..I agree with both of you 100%!

ZoidsRaven3237d ago

I hope it's not too much of a wait after this. 7_7

Venox20083237d ago

great article.. but weren't included Pikmin 3, new Driver game.. I can't wait for Zelda, Rhythm heaven and fatal frame! :) and of course De blob 2 ...ah, what I am kiddin all of these games are freakin hot for Wii! :) and can't wait for new E3, when will it be? is it true that it's in February? ...and yes, Wii don't need Wii HD! :)