OXM: Best Xbox 360 Games of 2011

Since OXM last posted our most anticipated titles of 2011 there have been a couple of new announcements made, so they thought they'd update the list to get you excited about the upcoming year. It's going to be a good one.

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Gamingbethyname3241d ago

I'll be getting for my xbox are gears of war 3 and many other games

Kran3241d ago (Edited 3241d ago )

Watch this article get crushed to bits...

Possible lines that'll appear in the comments

"Most of them are multiplats"

"None of them are as great as the PS3 exclusives"

Kran3241d ago (Edited 3241d ago )

Who says I was crying? Im just stating the obvious.

Ive had tonnes of those types of comments on my articles. No doubt they appear on many others.

Besides, im too busy watching the walking dead to care.

GeneGodHand3241d ago

He does cry every comment is "Leave the 360 alone" he has become this kid.

dragonyght3241d ago

lol if you wanted to troll just troll away why use ps3 fanboy as scapegoat its sad really

Inside_out3241d ago

It's so true, look at the phantom disagrees. The line up for 360 is not as strong as 2010 but it's still early. The third party line up for 2011 is by far the best line up in 2011. I have a Wii and PS3 but buy all multi-plats on the far superior 360...learned that lesson a long time ago.

The oxm list is lacking alot of great games that will be coming...

Bulletstorm ( gears )
Ghost Recon

...and about 100 more games that will play, look and sell better on 360. Sony has been a BIG disappointment so far for me...KZ better be near perfect...everything else is a rental at best..( maybe LbP 2...possibly So-com...but that's )

dontbhatin3241d ago

lol i can see why you only have one bubble. im sorry but you seem pathetic the way you put everything out there. you have no idea how those games will run on each console. just cause the first 2 years the ps3 was out it had bad ports doent mean that any of those games will look or run better on the 360. and far superior???? dont make me laugh. all the games pretty much look the same. each system is running different hardware. its not all going to render the same. thats why everything looks darker on the 360 versions, too dark for my taste. id like to see the textures, not have them hidden almost the whole time during the game. *cough* alan wake *cough*. just giving you a taste of what your putting out there being biased as hell.

Newtype3241d ago

Games that would have worked better on the PC.

tudors3241d ago

Shouldn't be long, I wander who it will be first?

Action GO FIGURE3241d ago (Edited 3241d ago )

Why is there even... ..?

LOL nevermind...

MrBeatdown3241d ago

I think it's because a list with one game isn't really a list at all.

The author should have just waited until Microsoft unveils their huge unannounced line-up of games. Kinectimals 2 and Lose Your Fat Ass: Kinect Edition will make the PS3 fanboys weep.

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