Gamereactor SE: 2010 Game of the Year

When we sat with a grin on his face, we tried to keep track of all three. When we nodded to the beat we turned my head to cope with the weird gravity. Right there was Super Mario Galaxy 2's power: how it developed both feelings of happiness as a game in terms of commitment. Nintendo managed so well with this for all the tasty mix, that one did not have epic storytelling, expensive voice actors or high-resolution textures. A plumber with a falsetto voice. And a boot-bearing dinosaur that ate up everything in its path.

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frostyhat1233240d ago

This is going to be number #1 on most of the lists.

schlanz3240d ago

It should be but won't be. Mass Effect 2 and Red Dead Redemption will probably have just as many GotY honors.