Gameroni: Quake Arena Arcade Review

Andrew Cretella writes: "It may seem strange to criticize the game for its single-player considering Quake III built its entire legacy on multiplayer, but it was this version’s one and only chance to prevent itself from being redundant. Instead, redundant is exactly what Quake Arena Arcade is. All it has left to offer that its PC counterparts do not are the 12 Xbox360-exclusive levels, a mostly quantitative concern that does not make up for its qualitative deficiency. In fact, while Quake Live does not have those particular maps, even non-subscription players have access to over 50 arenas, so technically it wins quantitatively as well. Quake Arena Arcade is not a bad game; it’s just an extremely misguided release considering Quake Live is free and superior. It’s not like system requirements should be an issue anymore either."

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Cajun Chicken3245d ago

I tried the demo and I was completely disappointed with the lack of polish, content, or anything remastered at all. Not worth getting unlike the Doom and Duke3D ports. Heck knows why this came out so late in the XBLA's age.

RadicalDreamer3245d ago

I'm not entirely sure either. I think it was just an attempt to expose it to an audience that otherwise might not play it, and they probably thought people would buy it.