The RipTen End of the Year Awards (2010)

RipTen: Holy shit, is it the end of the year already? Gotta admit, it’s been a pretty great year for games. That being said – it’s time to hand out some awards. We’ve got over 50. Come get some!!

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CrzyFooL3245d ago

Super Red Meat Redemption

Sandwich Bender3245d ago

I prefer the simpler "Red Meat Redemption."

KingNintendoFanboy3245d ago

Professor Layton and the Unwound Future rules!

CrzyFooL3245d ago

Game with the Most Potential Lost Due to Buggy, Unpolished Gameplay and Bland Visuals

(Insert Any Obsidian Title Here)


mobijoker3245d ago

Atleast their games are full with contents.Most developers use 90% of the game size on graphics.Obsidian always cares about story.And in every
obsidian game,you are bound to get something new.AP was bashed,now bioware is going to use AP's dialogue system.A patch could have made the game great,but its sega.I don't know if they allow patches.
About 3D platformers,they gave it to PoP.I was just wondering in which genre darksiders fall.Is this a platformer coz there is plenty of those?Or action adventure.In my game spanning 14 hours,battle was for only 2 and a half hour.Rest was puzzle platforming.