Reverse New Year's Resolutions: 5 Video Game Trends That Should Disappear in 2011 writes: "I was close to posting a list of my own personal video game-related resolutions for the coming new year, but then realized doing so would be both derivative and lame. Who wants to read about a promise to not yell anymore when playing Call of Duty online? It’s a resolution I probably couldn’t keep anyway. Instead, I decided after some consideration to turn the concept of the 'New Year’s resolution' on its head. Here are five things that I’d like to see others resolve to stop (or start) doing in 2011. You’ve all got your work cut out for you."

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ATi_Elite3242d ago

I agree with 2 3 4 and 5

Steve Ballmer should be the new Ass Clown for 2011 for the shear fact of how much Microsoft has RAPED 360 owners with that bullcrap $60 fee to play online and in return has given them NOTHING that PC and PS3 gamers don't get for free.

Oh it was $50 but Activision wanted their cut seeing how Call of Duty generates all the online traffic for 360 users. Oh and don't use the phrase RAPED while playing MW2 or Blops because you only raped yourself by buying that crap.

rbanke3242d ago

The Rape thing, people DO realize that this has other meanings than forced sex right?


-an act of plunder, violent seizure, or abuse; despoliation; violation: the rape of the countryside.

That sounds exactly like a description of what happens when they completely dominate the opposing team in something, be it a game or sports or whatever.

The fact that it ALSO means something, is a bullshit reason to be offended. In my opinion, it shouldn't be said after a round of TDM because its fucking idiotic shit talking, not because it's offensive.

soundslike3242d ago

You're like the guy who makes a nazi icon in BLOPS and calls it a peace symbol.

madpuppy3242d ago

I wish every idiot on the internet would stop using the word "epic" to describe everything from a game they played to the DAMN BURRITO they ate last night!!!

everything cannot be epic, if everything is epic, NOTHING is.

I will refer you to this article from the the best page in the universe. and remember, Maddox is more right than you are.


FrankMcSpank3242d ago

Your rant was EPIC bro... Epic rant is epic...epicly....

ATi_Elite3241d ago

Chipotle has an EPIC double meat burrito so I don't know what this guy is talking about. 5 pounds of meat and veggies wrapped in a tortilla is EPIC.

soundslike3242d ago

“Man, we resolved that conflict decidedly! You guys just got vanquished.”

Probably somewhat worthless considering what happens to old consoles and computers when they die, and the general movement towards digital downloads but, hey, why not?

mrv3213242d ago


How about

1. Twitter and Facebook integration/spamming

I hate social networks, the name is even ugly, and now games use it as some free advertisement. Or worse still requiring Facebook/twitter to do competitions.


What was wrong with Zelda, Marion and almost every game prior to 2006? Now it's all online levels and exp. It's also about time that we stop using xp and either use EP, EXP or Experience points.

3. PS3 vs 360


4. Motion controls

Specifically Kinect needs to stop, Move is a peripheral add-on Kinect seems like a waste of money and while the tech is cool and all I don't see spending $500 MILLION on advertising alone a long term investment, BTW The ENTIRE GTA series probably cost less.

Arup023242d ago

Multiplayer should disappear too.

FrankMcSpank3242d ago

Not Multiplayer, just the forced need for it. The focus should be on the single player experience.

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