Does Zelda Need a Reboot?

The Legend of Zelda series has been one of the most dynamic faces in gaming, having undergone graphical, gameplay, and storyline overhauls countless times over the years. But is it time for a full series overhaul that restarts the legend from scratch? Zelda Informer discusses this very question.

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FrankMcSpank3245d ago

Not a reboot. Just do something different. Each Zelda game changes it up, but Skyward Sword's ideas sound exciting. But I love Zelda and wouldn't ask for Shiggy to make anything other than what is brewing in his imagination.

ATi_Elite3245d ago

I think they should make a more hardcore Zelda. they can have the regular version but then have another development team make a Zelda on the PC.

A bigger world, better grpahics, first and third person view, voice acting, and just make the game with a more edgy theme. Zelda doesn't need a reboot but they should do something to appeal to more gamers.

Yi-Long3244d ago

... which runs on an Unreal-engine and with crappy tough-guy dubbing and stuff.

Give me magical far-away fantasy Link.

I'd love to see a graphical style that looks like Valkyria Chronicles, and just classic Adventure/RPG gameplay, and a huge open world. Also, for once, I'd love to see Link also travel through snowy white gorgeous environments.

ATi_Elite3244d ago

Who said anything about the Unreal Engine, I hate that engine. Zelda using the Cryengine 3 would be AWESOME.

Hardcore doesn't mean Rambo voices and Duke Nukem one liners. They can make a Zelda with a higher production value and gorgeous graphics like the upcoming MMO Rift or Tera and add in some quality voice acting like Mass Effect.

Zelda is an awesome series but it always has a "Kiddie" appeal to it, it would be cool to get a more mature Zelda world.

3244d ago
Dac2u3244d ago

Zelda hasn't been hard since Ocarina, even then it had some tough moments, but overall the game wasn't that hard. It's sad, the newer games offer very little challenge. I love the bosses, but I don't think I died once during any boss in Twilight Princess.

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FinalSpartan3244d ago

Greatest and legendary francise in gaming needs a reboot?


n4f3244d ago

NO and dont do let capcom touch it.
next you have a non-stop talking depressed link

Dac2u3244d ago

I agree, they shouldn't let Capcom touch it. Although, Nintendo should let Atlus take over. Atlus put out the best Zelda game I've played in a long time with 3D Dot Game Heroes.

wwm0nkey3245d ago

Almost every game of it is a reboot lol

FrankMcSpank3245d ago

exactly. the point is that this one wont follow the overworld/dungeon flow of the old one. it isn't sure if it'll follow a linear approach like ffxiii or a more diverse openworld style like elder scrolls. but i am opne for something different. the gameplay at e3 didn't wow me. i like the motion elements the most, but the visual art style looked bland. i want something to trip me out, like wind waker did. i assume that the demo was nothing like the game will be and i can't wait to see the game at e3 2011...

Otheros003245d ago

Why do ganodorf come back every time you killed him?
It would be better if Ganodorf was not the last boss.
Why do they keep rebooting Ocarina of Time?
When I look at twilight princes and skysword it seems like I am looking at Ocarina of Time.

3244d ago
Gr813245d ago

I think the devs need to focus and narrow down on what Zelda is and ultimately what it isn't. I'm not sure trains belong in the Zelda Universe, much like I don't think drawn out inner dialogue belongs in Metroid universe, but I digress.

I have to be honest here. I don't care about the 'story' in videogames. Sure I like basics, like villain causes problem, hero (me) handles business. But injecting too much story limits the player experience. Very rarely do you hear gamers say, the game sucked but the story was HOT!

ALTTP and OoT are the closest related Zelda's as far as the 2d/3d relationship goes. OoT started the shift. I think they need to look at capturing both the OoT crowd & the NES/SNES Zelda fanbase as well. How do they do this? Similarly to how DKCR or MKWii did. I honestly don't have a problem with them approaching the Zelda universe as if nothing else happened before.

Understand, that there will be gamers that have NEVER played a Zelda game before, I'd want them to experience the same joy I felt playing OoT or the first NES Zelda. I guess as you get older you begin to see your perspective broaden, and you are aware that the way things used to be aren't the way things are today. And you have to accept that. Time doesn't go backwards. If Zelda is to survive, it will have to capture the imagination of this new generation of gamers. Not saying to leave the gamers behind who made Zelda what it was, but find that magical mix between the two.

It may not be Skyward Sword that does this, or it actually might. But we'll see either way.

Crossifixxo3244d ago

Action-Rpg please please please!!!

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The story is too old to be commented.