GamePro review scores (Germany)

The full list of GamePro review scores (Germany) includes the second LittleBigPlanet 2 review, Dead Space 2, Prince of Persia Trilogy, and more.

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boogeyman9993242d ago

I am so ready for LBP2. Got the demo and everything.

GWAVE3242d ago

LBP2 is gonne be amazing.

And then a few days later, Dead Space 2 collector's edition w/ Dead Space Extraction...

disturbing_flame3242d ago (Edited 3242d ago )

The potential of LBP2 is in its lifetime and longetivity, the community can make this game a forever game, that's on this particular feature that i think review of this game are note complete now. Even if 90% is a good score, i dont consider it as a definitive score.

Hope people are still interested in creating things for fun.
As a child i loved my lego, new generations maybe prefer play other games i don't know, for some generations construction games were the best and smartest entertainment we can have.
Definitly a great game for yonger generation, i'll buy this for my kids as well.

This past year i played a lot to Minecraft, i hope LBP2 will be as good as this great indie game, it would be a pleasure for me to play it then.

mastiffchild3242d ago

Don't fret mate my kids play with LBP much the same way I used to with Lego and my dad. They're 8 and 12(my boys) and them and their mates all make levels and then invade them in co-op and set about trying to break each others!!

Anyhoo, the kids make a lot of the content and LBP2 will be no different and a top giggle to boot. So much value even if you're just in it for the SP and playing all the user created stuff-if you want to get creative yourself it just goes up exponentially.

Great stuff and great to MM start with a good score.

3242d ago
OllieBoy3242d ago

Dead Space 2 – 90%
Little Big Planet 2 – 90%

Gonna be an amazing January.

FrankMcSpank3242d ago (Edited 3242d ago )

I want to hear why LittleBigPlanet is not a 10. I hope it's not because there is too much variety. I kid kid. But seriously, january is full of epic games and that is just kicking off, what i call, the best year for gaming this gen.

stephmhishot3242d ago

lol, IGN, "The sheer amount of variety can be overwhelming and suffocating to the point where it becomes unenjoyable."

who wants to bet something along those lines will be part of the review.

silkrevolver3242d ago (Edited 3242d ago )

It’s nice to see that LBP2 and Dead Space 2 are “A’s,” though I expect LBP2 will have a higher meta-score than a 90.

FrankMcSpank3242d ago

yeah, LBP has a 95 Meta

This is only an improvement on the series. I think if we see nitpicking on this one, we can honestly call shinnanigans and no one can deny it. Edge gave LBP a 10/10. Let's see this time.

lastdual3242d ago

No Two Worlds 2 score makes me sad :(

But good to see LBP2 and DS2 are looking great.

TheHater3242d ago

Two Worlds 2 was release back in October in Europe


From what I seen from the demo and beta dont expect any scores less than 9 from little big planet 2...

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