Steam Winter Sale Day 12: Hitman Collection, Team Fortress 2 - 75% Off

RipTen: "If you’re spending New Years Eve alone and depressed – at least you’ll have gotten some great deals on video games today!! Drown your sorrows with Agent 47 and the cast of Team Fortress 2."

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CrzyFooL3247d ago

All the Hitman games for 7.50? SOLD

Raf1k13247d ago

Just bought it along with Supreme Commander 2. Well worth it.

saladthieves3247d ago

True! These deals are making me sweat!

Sandwich Bender3247d ago

At this point I think everyone who wants TF2 already has it.

peowpeow3246d ago

Still 3rd on top sellers :D

pr0digyZA3247d ago

Got all stalker games for $4.99

saint_john_paul_ii3247d ago (Edited 3247d ago )

just got farcry 2 for $5. I was waiting for such a drop to happen

iNcRiMiNaTi3247d ago

I bought the FC Complete pack.

FC1 is $7.49
FC2 is $4.99

Both games in a pack together costs $7.49, it's like getting FC1 and getting FC2 free

Xfanboy3247d ago

Stalker Call of Pripyat & stalker shadow of chernobyl (Bundle) for $5.00

Winterbottom for $0.50

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The story is too old to be commented.