Five Most Anticipated Games of 2011 - GamingShogun writes: "With 2010 rapidly drawing to a close, we here at are taking a look at our most anticipated titles of 2011. However, there was a catch in writing up a list like this. Sure, we could go with the really popular titles like Gears of War 3 or just list out hundreds of titles as not to miss anything being released next year - but, no! We will not do that. This is a highly-focused list of our five most-anticipated titles, regardless of platform. It was a tough call on some of these, but that is the price of brevity..."

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Blacktric3243d ago (Edited 3243d ago )

Interesting. No Uncharted 3 on the list. Mine would be;

1- Mass Effect 3
2- Uncharted 3
3- Deus Ex: Human Revolution
4- The Last Guardian
5- Infamous 2

I need to see Skyrim's new engine first, before deciding.

Lionhead3243d ago

Interesting list, especially with Witcher as #1.

I cannot narrow down 5 of my MOST anticipated, don't see how anyone else could either.

Just too much!

ABizzel13243d ago

Not everyone is going to love brilliance (Uncharted 3). I agree with them on one thing. There's no way you can make a top 5 list without feeling like you've wronged a game.

Kran3243d ago

And where is Portal 2?!

thief3243d ago

Its on the list of "37 excellent games coming out in 2011 and not on this guy's top 5 list"

candystop3243d ago

That list is pretty impressive but there are just to many games coming out to only pick 5.

pr0digyZA3243d ago

Wow very hard sort of list to do, especially for next year, you never want to leave a game out (even though you'll probably end up playing them all).

BigShotSmoov0073243d ago

Mine goes like this

5-Diablo 3 PC (I hope it comes out next year, not sure.)
4-Charted 3 PS3
3-Gears of War 3 Xbox 360
2-Rage Xbox 360
1-Mass Effect 3 Xbox 360

Of course i'm excited about killzone 3, Socom 4 & Deus Ex but those are my top 5.