Four Nintendo Franchises That Should Be Resurrected

From DamnLag:

"In fact, if there is one thing that makes Nintendo dorks truly happy, it’s telling us that a reboot, remake, re-anything of a previous franchise is coming out soon. Why? Because we Nintendo fans are stupidly stubborn and overly nostalgic. We don’t go into E3s asking for new franchises or different directions. Screw that noise; that’s what we think Xbox 360s and PS3s are for. Instead, we ask for Pokemon MMOs and games with threes attached to the ends of their names. If you want to add innovative features and unique gameplay mechanics to old franchises, then by all means go ahead. Just don’t expect us to be excited if you announce a whole new series.

That’s why E3 2010 had Nintendo gamers flooding their laptops with saliva. New Kid Icarus game? Ocarina of Time remake AND a Star Fox 64 remake? New Kirby and Donkey Kong Country reboots? Hell yeah, and keep it coming. In fact, with the bevy of franchises Nintendo has created over the years, there are a few more serie...

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boogeyman9993246d ago

I really don't understand how Mother hasn't gotten consideration for more.

Dark_Charizard3246d ago

We did get Mother 3 in 2006. But that never saw the light of day outside Japan :(

MechaZain3246d ago (Edited 3246d ago )

I'm really confused by the whole Mother 3 thing. They should know that only hardcore gamers will play it anyway, so there shouldn't be any controversy in releasing it.

giantchicken3246d ago

I agree with all but Pokemon Snap... screw that game.

LukeWashingTons3246d ago

We really need a new Star Fox game that doesn't suck. It shouldn't be hard. Especially when people like Kamiya are dying to do one.

Smacktard3246d ago

Pokemon Snap fucking rocks. I could definitely go for another one. It could even make for a good Wiiware title.

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The story is too old to be commented.