Minecraft – PC Gamer UK’s Game Of The Year

Can you dig it? Yes you can. Twelve months of getting square eyes with Minecraft.
When we each made up our personal list of favourite games this year, Minecraft was on nearly all of them. It’s a first-person fantasy game made of cubes. There are cubes of grassy soil stacked in contours to form mountains, smooth cliff faces that you can dig square tunnels into with your voxellated pickaxe, and cubic trees sprouting cubic leaves. Your head is a cube. The sun is a cube. In all probability, the world of Minecraft is a cube. You should also mentally cube the length of time you expect to spend in it, because it’s so stimulating and relaxing, so hypnotically compulsive, that you’ll never escape its grip. (Jaz McDougall writer)

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ATi_Elite3238d ago

I said in a post a while back "if you keep reading I'm sure your favorite game will win a GOTY award (unless it's FFXIV then your out of luck)".

First off this game is a Alpha Build and has sold like 700,000 copies but the best thing about Minecraft is it is just so FUN. This is gaming in it's purest form. You don't need a NASA computer to run it, it's dirt cheap, and very fun.

Great Job